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pain down thier nead advice? Lock Rss


im 37 weeks.i been having pain down stairs it happen when i get brackton hicks it like her heads n pushing out it make me feel like im going to wet myself.i cant move at all until she moves up a bit move up a kinda like when ur pushing the baby out i all so get the burning feeling.
i neva had it with my son he was a big baby 4kgs so i was thinking could she be bigger?
any1 eles had this feeling?
is this normal?
thanks sorry it their to much info
I didn't expreince this and its not lookingh too hopefull so far that anyone else has as I noticed you posted this 4 hours or so ago. It does sound very odd though. May pay to talk to your midwife about it I think sitting on a swiss ball is meant to help the pain and discomfort of these type of things too.
Hi tegmac,
I am also 37 weeks and when i get braxton hicks pains i get a stinging sort of burning pain aswell. Not everytime but my doc said it is quiet normal to get painful b/hicks with your 2nd and consecutive pregnancies. I would speak to your doc about it at your next appointement just to resure yourself its ok.
Oh i know what your talking about!!!! Except my burning pain down there has been constant for the past 2 days. Thats exactly how i explained, its that burning feeling you get when pushing baby out, but no where near as painful, lol. Today it feels as if ive been riding a horse for the past wk, gotta love pregnancy. I think it may be our baby's getting ready to meet us grin I remember getting the burning pain, plus other pain, the night before i went into labour with Lilli, she was born at 37wks, so maybe your having some pre-labour hun.

Good luck!!

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