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Should I be nervous?? Lock Rss

Hi there, I am being induced this evening because of high bp.My cervix is closed but soft,should I be nervous?? I have been told I will be given the gel to begin with, Im kinda hoping that will bring it on overnight,does anyone know if this would be possible with a closed soft cervix. The babys head is 2/5 s engaged & feels now as though its going to fall out,its not a good feeling. This is my 3rd child.
hi there,
how far through are you?, I was induced and bub was born at 38 weeks +4d. They started ripening my cervix/inducing me at 29w+7d. My gel made me get contractions but my cervix hadn't dialated enouth so they had to keep giving me pethadine to stop me going into labour as I would have needed a c-section if they hadn't stoped. It took 4 1/2 days of ripening before I had dialated the minimun 2-3cm before they would take me to the birth ward to properly induce me. I wouldn't nesacceraly say you should be nervous more perpared for the long hall and ready to have a feeling of (if your sensitive to the gel like me) going in and out of labour. I helps to do alot of walking around to hospital to help open your cervix and ease the pain and when its realy bad I found the best thing to do is have a bath. When I was induced properly the labour only took 4 1/2 hours. Good luck I hope this is of some help.

I was induced at 39 weeks with DS for high blood pressure too. I was told the same as you that my cervix was closed and also told it was hard. I had a strong reaction to the gel and had full on contractions on top of each other but still wasnt dialating. They were gonna prep me for a ceaser and so they put in the epidural. once that was in, i dialted to 5 cm in like 30 mins so they let me continue on naturally.

So all worked out in the end, if you have any concerns about it, like the pp and I have said they have ways of fixing everything. If you aren't dialating, they can give u an epidural to relax your body, and you might start dialating like i did, and if they have time, they can stop your labour until your cervix is ripe.

Dont stress and good luck with your labour smile

I too was induced to high blood pressure & beginning to sho signs of Pre-Caampsia. Went in at 8:30 on wed night, had instant contractions from 1st lot of gel, they put the 2nd lot in at 6am on the thurs, then more again at 10am hoping to break waters at 12:30, but when it came time for that part, they could not reach my cervix as babys head ws to far dwon so could not break the waters, my cervix was unfavourBLE (what that means I have no idea), so they ended up sending me home thurs afternoon, still getting contractions 3-4 mins apart, but they died off during the night and had not since. I did get the show the following day (and gross I might add), but going back on Tues for them to repeat the process. In the meantime I am trying the EPO method which my midwife suggested to help ripen the cervix. God I hope it works this time. Good luck though!

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No idea if you should be nervous or not, I have never been induced, so I dont know what to expect...
Your body has been through childbirth before, hopefully it will 'remember' what to do, and things will have gone very smoothly for you

Hopefully you will be having breakfast in hospital while glancing at your beautiful newborn right about now! Hope all went/goes well!!!
My DD was showing no signs of wanting to come out before I went to hospital to be induced at 39w 2d. Not engaged at all, still sitting really high, no BH at all.
They put me on the drip to induce me and I dilated fully in about 5 hours. I had to push for about 1.5 hrs then she was born with the help of the vacuum.
I wouldn't be worried at all if I were you smile
Remember to stay upright as much as you can so bub can descend down the birth canal easier than if you lie flat on your back smile Good luck! x

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