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Hi there ladies, my baby boy is nearly 1 year old and I had an emergency caesarean with him under general anaesthetic. I am pregnant again, due in late november, and am already scared stiff about another caesarean! I cant stand the thought of being awake, it really scares me! I would love to know any of your experiences! Thanks very much.

I have 3 boys!!!

Hi Lucy,

I just found out I'm pregnant with number 2 yesterday and I'm due late december..

I had an emergency ceaser with my son too (after 2 days of horrible labour), anyway I have been told that when I do have another one I'll be having a ceaser.

It is scary to think you need to go through all of that again, but I'm just thinking "well at least I won't have to experience labour pains this time", I was fine throughtout my ceaser, except the long wait and another doctor that was going to be there said thet my epidual was bleeding alot and they may had to do it again - I got scared then!!!! It is all a bit scary but it is worth it - and you will be fine!!!

All the best Lucy.

Clare xxxx
PS I'm just dreading after it is all over, and your stuck in bed and you can't even laugh cos of the pain - oh well at least I'll have my baby to keep my mind off it all.

I would never choose to be asleep. Honestly, the anticipation is much worse than the actual event.
The staff are very aware that you are awake. My midwife and anaesthetists were great, both times, chatting to me and my husband, totally distracting us from what was going on. And once they lift up your baby, you honestly don't care about anything else.

Might also be worth asking if your husband and baby can stay with you the whole time. As long as baby is healthy, there is no medical reason to rush them off to the nursery. My hospital now trys to keep mum and baby together the whole time.


Hi Lucy
I had to have a caesarean the first time because my daughter was breech, and to be perfectly honest the five minutes that you are in pain while they put the needle in your back to numb the site, then the epidural and the drip in your arm is a bit teary well for me it was, I vaugly remeber the midwife asking if she could have compo because I was squeezing her hand so tight!!!!!. Your partner may not be allowed in while the anethasist is giving you the epidural because of the way they react when they see us in pain. I didn't even know that they had started untill my husband said something don't stress they are allowed in and they can even cut the cord if they want.

The only time that I felt anything was at the end, it was like a prodding and pushing, you are aware of the sensation but you don't feel any pain and it depends on the dr you may get stiches that dissolve like I did not all drs use staples. You spend a bit of time back in recovery before you are taken back to your room, with you have a pcp so that you can administer your own pain medication DO NOT be afraid to use it even when you are going to move in bed or move the bed up and down so that you can sit. The midwife got me out of bed the next day so that I could have a shower and brush my teeth, you don't have to stand in the shower as they have a chair the midwife actually washed my hair for me aswell and the will also help you get dressed and sit in a chair or back to bed as you have a pcp and a drip to move aswell.

I am due to have my 2nd baby in september and to be honest I didn't want to have another caesarean but I may have to and this time I will be very forcefull in saying that I want my husband in theatre with me from the get go because I think that there may not be so many tears if he is with me. good luck

kylie wa, 7mnth baby 20 wks pregnant

Hi Lucy,

My daughter is 14 months and had an emergency ceaser with her as well. I had the ceaser because her head was starting to mould, she started to stress and just because the of the size of her (which i found out after she was born was 10lb 6oz). I was awake for the ceaser I found it destressing and painfull only because I was 10cm dilated and had 5 people pushing and pulling my daughter out of me. I know if I have another ceaser it will be a totally different experience. I am considering a VBAC next time for 2 reasons so I can experience a natural birth and for the recover after the birth. Overall don't be too scared about being awake for next ceaser as long as your partner is there to support you, you should be fine.

Melitta,QLD, 15mth toddler

I had a c/s after 37 hours of very painful labour and a baby that got stuck. I was awake for the whole thing even though I had two failed epidurals and a spinal block. I would much rather be awake rather than asleep because at least I could feel somewhat in control of the situation. Considering my c/s was emergency, all of the doctors, midwives and nurses in the room were surprisingly calm. Don't be scared of being awake during the c-s, it doesn't hurt, more like the doctors are searching for keys at the bottom of a handbag, mainly a bit of tugging. You will also get to see your baby straightaway and your partner can be there too for support. Best of luck!

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