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Braxton Hicks.... Lock Rss

I had braxton hicks contactions(well i think thats what they were) from 2.30pm yesterday til I went to bed at 10.00pm, they were pretty regular coming every 4-6 minutes apart.
I went to bed and woke up fine, they were gone.

I have only ever had the odd one now and then.
What I want to know is has anyone had them for that long and regular before, and did you go into labour soon after that happening?


hi i had them for about a week or 2 up until i went into labour they got stronger and more frequent every day but i know everyone is different. good luck with the rest of your pregnancy

my friend had them like this in her last week of pregnancy
I had this happen to me and it started when I was 27 weeks pregnant I also lost some mucus plug so I called the hospital they told me I should come in then with in 10 minutes they told me I was actually having contractions and was threatning to go into labour so I had to stay in hospital until they managed to stop the contractions this then happened another 2 times before I had my DS.
Good luck with everything

I think i had braxton hicks, only lasted about 5mins (felt longer), but it was only on one side - my left. Has anyone else only ever had the bad pain on one side?

It was on my left, so lying on my left like they suggest was futile.

Hello smile

I had them yesterday too! Like you described....strong and on and off very frequently up until I went to bed. Then bad period-like cramps during the night a couple of times before they stopped. Quite scary! I am worried too! I mean, I want Bubby out but not quite yet... Hope yours subside and give you some relief. smile

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