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what to wear during labour? Lock Rss

Hi there, just wondering what you wore during labour? im guessing by the time I get there I wont really be caring to much, but just wondering if most just go naked, or if there is something you recommend?

I was induced both times so i got to decide what i wanted to wear for the labours. First time i wore a nighty, bloody uncomfortable and never again LOL. 2nd time around i wore a hospital gown, alot easier to access everything lol

You can wear whatever you like thats easy for the doctors to do internals and monitoring with. so pretty much no pants lol. You can wear knickers if you like even though it wont be long til they are off hehe
With DD I wore PJs and just took my pants off when I needed to. I had her in bed due to being hooked up to monitors though so I could cover up using the sheets. I also had a dressing gown that went off and on.

This time I have bought a big nightie and i'll probably pick up another dressing gown if I get a chance.
Lol.. never been in labour but it'll probably end up being whatever i'm wearing at the time, so depending on when i go into labour, if it's night time then i'll probably be in such a panic that i'll wear my pjs! LOL..


I was always worried about being naked during labour and who would see what! LOL But when it came time to go to the hospital, I stripped off completely with DD1. I hated the feel of clothes on my skin during her labour. So I was completely naked for almost 24 hrs with her!

With DD2, I chucked boxers and a singlet on and waddled out the door. Once in the hosp, I only had time to pull the boxers down and her head was out! Very quick labour!

Personally, a hospital gown is fantastic bcoz you don't need to worry about it getting all messed up and its handy for getting dilation checks, etc. After I had a shower with both my girls, I still put a hosp gown back on for a while until the blood loss settled. I kept my nice jammies for later on.

Best wishes for your upcoming birth! smile]


I went to the hospital a bra singlet undies and shorts. By the 3rd hour i was just in undies. I actually started pushing not realising i still had my undies on lol.

I will be having a water birth so will be nude but willprobably wear one of DH's old t-shirts.

What you might think is comfortable now might change when your in labour. I couldnt wait to rip my shirt off with DS.

ds nothing as i got in the bath as soon as it was full. dd i had on a skirt and 1 of dh tshirts. the skirt came off as i was pushing

i''''m baking a baby

Hey there, we are almost due on the same day smile smile smile smile hehe!

With my DD I wore a mat bra and a hossy gown - stylish things they are!! But very practical and pretty comfy. And as other girls have said, most convenient for internals and throwing yourself around! Just before I got my epidural I had ripped the bra off and just laboured in my hossy gown which I stayed in until DD was born. She then got put onto my tummy so gown was gone..

I would just recommend not to wear anything expensive! I am going to go with a hosp gown again and keep my nice clean jamas for after that amazing first shower.

Hope you have a fantastic birth and it isn't too long until you meet your little girl smile


Hi With DS1 & DS2 I wore a maternity singlet top and and shorts only becuase by the time they did the first internals for both boys I was ready to push. I was induced both times so had a number of things packed hubby's T'shirts etc to change into but never had the time. Just pack a few things you think will be comfy or just go naked doesn't really matter as long as your comfy.

Well by the time the contractions started I was under the shower, with just a bra and warm towel.
By the time i finished my 3 hour shower i was naked, and really thought i wouldn't do that but it was the most comfy for me, and didn't care about midwives and dr's seeing me.
But just wear whatever feels right for you.

mummy of 2 girls

i wore a nightie which was fine for the most part - but after my ds was born was hard to get it out of the way so i could start to breastfeed so next time i would wear a singlet that is easier to pull down
For my first I intended to wear a big shirt but then ended up stripping down to get in the bath for pain relief. 2nd time round I stripped off pretty much straight away and got in the bath and ended up having a waterbirth.
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