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bringing on labour Lock Rss

hey any ideas im just over 40 weeks pregnant and really sick of it.

iv tryed raspberry leaf tea, walking, jumping, running up and don steps, foods that cause the runs (e.g. prunes and plums), lots and lots of walking, sex, cleaning the floor on my hands and knees.

on wed im going to talk to my mw about primrose oil and cod liver oil. im not keen on trying caster oil as iv heard it can put the baby into destress and i really dont want that.

i cant eat hot food so that gets rid of the curry idea and i dont have a bath tub so cant try a hot bath.

any other ideas?

prunes started to work had strong contrastions on thursday but stoped friday arvo and only had nigglings since then nothing to really et me extited or anything.

hams, nz

it'll come when it's ready. If your doctor gives you an internal they usual massage the cervix which most times leads to bringing on the birth rather than inducing.
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