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early labour??? Lock Rss

the past few days i've started feeling very different, bubz movements hav slowed down heaps, usually she NEVER stops kicking but now she only kicks afew mins aday.bubz has droped mre and mre everyday. it feels like if she goes any lower she'll fall out. i've started been in my own little world more and more. could bubz be ready to come out???
Possibly. I thought i'd post back to you as i see you've had a few views but no one has written. You probably 37weeks by your due date so its not too far away anyway probably getting ready. My bub didnt stop moving from 15weeks and then the last couple of weeks was alot less. If you feel you need to call a midwife at all and your unsure at all just call them thats what they are here for and good luck with everything hope to hear from you soon because its very exciting hearing that a new bubs not far away.


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