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Partial Epidural ?????? Lock Rss

Hi to Everyone !

I have a question - when i gave birth to my son i had what i have been refering to as a 'partial epidural' I was not completely numb but it significantly reduced my pain to the point where i did not have the 'burning' sensation that i have been told about when the head crowns and i could barely feel my contractions. I was wondering if anyone out there has had the same thing and also if you know what it is actually called as i will be having my next child at a different hospital and want to know the medical term for this, so i know what to ask for next time !

Any help would be greatly appreciated !


Declan 7/12/04 & Taryn 25/4/07

I think its called a mobile epidural...its a low dose one that allows you to walk. I would have been interested in one but they dont do them at my hospital.

Not sure of the correct medical term for it.

Wanda, Melb. Cody 22.12.04 & Jai 30.4.06

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