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Just wondering if anyone has gone to calm birth classes, what they thought of them and if they thought they were worth the money ( I have been quoted $350 for group classes or $450 for private classes)

Thanks in advance smile


I did the calm birth classes in Canberra for my daughters birth. I didn't know anything about it to begin with but my antenatal depression and fear of birth was getting out of hand. I have 3 friends who happen to be midwives and they all insisted I go to the classes. At that stage I was after anything that would help me cope.

As it turns out it was the BEST THING I HAVE EVER DONE!!!!!

I paid $450 for classes over 2 days with another couple. Have already planned to do it again with any other babies that I may have.

I was quite sceptical as DH and I are not really alternate or into hippy things but it wasn't anything like that. It is all about learning how to relax and use visualisation to allow your body to do what it does best naturally - having a baby. I'm a registered nurse, so I have a bit of an idea how the body works :> but it was great to learn about it in a positive environment compared to my antenatal classes which encouraged fear and questioned my ability to do this.

It absolutly saved me. I was a complete reck. The course gave me confidence and helped get me sleeping better and wow...when you feel like your floating on the roof during transition and birth and just breathing your baby down without drugs its amazing. Hypnotherapy is amazing.

Goodluck with everything if you have any more questions please ask. I'm still so amazed at that course and what it did for my head space and the birth it enabled me to have. I would have had a c/s with a general anaesthetic if calmbirth hadn't been recommended to me.


My Dh and I did the class for baby number 1 and I found bits of it really useful. personally some of the info was a little 'alternate' for my liking... but I was able to push out a 9 pound baby, 20 hours labour with a bit of gas for help, so the breathing must have worked!

Matilda Jane, Feb 08 and Charlotte Rose, Dec 09

I did Hynobirthing, which I believe is quite similar and it was THE BEST money I EVER SPENT!

My course was $500 and I had a drug-free and PAIN-FREE birth and that's not an exaggeration!

We did it with 2 other couples and enjoyed that because sometimes others can think of questions you may not have thought of, but I am currently doing my refresher course for baby no#2 due on December 20th and we are doing this one private to really absorb and get the individual attention.

You can look at my blog if you want:

Good Luck!
[Edited on 24/11/2009]

Do it - its worth every penny! We did Hypno for our first and calmbirth for our second (calm birth is the australianised version) Our first course was with 1 other couple and we are great friends to this day (both of us have 2 bubs now) and will always have a connection thanks to hypno. the 2nd course we travelled and did in bowral with Peter Jackson (the calmbirth course creator - he also brought hypnobirthing to Aus) and there were prob 10 other couples, I've never heard anything further from them or of them which I find a little sad. we are now expecting bub # 3 and since we are moving back to the place we lived with bub #1 I will probably do a hypno refresher - its awesome just to remind yourself to relax and I probably have different "fears" this time round so it will help me to resolve that before its an issue!!!! I guess in saying that it must be good if I'm happy and willing to pay that kind of money 3 times over, don't you think??!!
Also, just another point, my DD (#2 bubba) was born at 35wks 4days I went into labour at 29wks and they stopped it with drugs that made my belly go haywire so when I went into labour again at 32 wks I refused to have them again. I ended up with 10hrs without contractions in a 3 WEEK long labour and I really believe that if I had've been a "NORMAL" pregnant woman they would have broken my waters 2.5wks earlier, but because I was so calm and in control, the baby didn't get distressed and I was able to get her to a more healthy age before she was born - if it wasn't for the techniques I would never have been able to maintain the energy I needed to give birth after that long (and no they weren't braxton hicks - they were registering on the monitor etc and I was 5cm dilated by the time they finally did break my waters - on my demand!!!)


Hi girls,

its great to hear your stories. I tried to get into a Calm Birthing class here in Tas but couldn't find one. I did a lot of reading about going into the labour and birth with an open mind and an open body and had a drug-free, very straight forward delivery, and I am positive its because I didn't let myself get stressed out or scared about what was going to happen. I read a lot about women who are so focussed on the pain and it made them sccared and therefore never were relaxed and never got the chance to just think about what an amazing thing birth, I think that if you could get into calm birthing, then do it, otherwise, just try to be as relaxed as possible, go with the flow and just take it all as it comes. Believe it or not, I had fun when I gave birth to DS! I loved every minute and loved what I was actually accomplishing!

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