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Is 37 weeks to early?? Lock Rss

Might sound like a silly question but I want to start on some Raspberry Leaf Tea, with my previous pregnancy I started a little bit later and was only taking it for 2 days before I went into Labour. It could have just been a huge coincidence that it happened so quickly last time, but Im a little worried that if I start taking it now (36w+5d) that with in a few days I might go in to labour. Which comfort wise wouldn't be such a bad thing, as long as bubs in "ready".

Is there any mums out there who have had bubs born at 37 weeks and development wise it has been to early?????

I had a measurement scan today and the baby is already only 100 grams lighter than what my previous bubs was born at 38w+5d. So size wise I think all should be fine. Any advise would be great. Thanks Mums.

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I was due the 17th November and our dd arrived on the 28th october, so 20 days early and she is fine and her weight was a very healthy 9lb 1oz!!, she was a little jaundice but not enough to go underlights apart from that she is perfect.

most women start taking raspberry tea leaf earlier then this so it should be fine. I think your just not meant to take EPO any earlier then i think its about 38 weeks as that makes your uterus contract. If bubs did come now it should be fine most babies past 36 weeks these days can go home with mum and 38 weeks is now like the new full term.
Hi, I had both bubs early. DD was born at 35+5 wieghing 6lb 4oz and 51cm long. She had to spend 10 days in special care nursery to learn to feed as her suck/swallow reflex wasn't fully developed. She's now 2.5yrs oldand you'd never guess she was prem. DS was born 36+3 and he was 7lb 2oz 48cm long and was fine. No time in nursery at all, fed well etc. Pretty sure your bub will be fine as 37 weeks is classed as term. Good luck!!

hey there

the raspberry leaf tea would have been a coincidence before. It does not induce labour, it tones the uterus. It is usually taken in the last 10 weeks of pregnancy.

All the best!
Just a coincidence, raspberry leaf just ripens everything up. Ive been taking the tablets.

By the way, 37weeks is considered full term so bubby would be absolutely fine if born now =)

good luck i hope it happens soon, im playing the waiting game as well!

i was 36+6 with DD they let me in luckily as they have a 37 minimum limit she was fine 6'11 did have slight jaundice and took 3 days to learn to breastfeed she was considered prem but she is now a naughty 2 year old
Hey there.
I started raspberry leaf tea at 28 weeks.. and then started tablets at 31 weeks..
I had DD's at 37 weeks and they were perfectly healthy and able to come home with me when i was discharged. Here 37 weeks is counted as full term anyways.

DS was born at 37wks, no problems at all, a healthy 8lb4!!!

Hi, Raspberry Leaf is fine through 2nd and 3rd trimesters - doesn't induce labour just helps your uterus with the process, my DS was born at 36wks 6lb9oz and spent 10days in special care nursery to learn how to feed. My daughter was born at 35wk + 4days 6lb13oz and was home 36hrs later, no issues - she could feed fine but I actually think its because I knew what to do with her. also with her I was in labour for the last 3 weeks (way too early to induce) which I think had a lot to do with getting her lungs and other reflexes ready etc. Bubby will come when its ready - and its very normal for a 2nd baby to be bigger than the first.


I started taking it at 35 weeks and was a week over with baby number 1. This time I have been taking it tablets since 36 weeks and no sign of labour, Im due today. So who knows!

Matilda Jane, Feb 08 and Charlotte Rose, Dec 09

Hi I had my 1st baby at 37 wks and he was 6lb7oz and 48 cm and he now 4 yrs old and very normal (well as normal as a 4 yr old boy can be!) so dont worry everything should be fine. good luck

Ryan 4, AJ 2.5 & Isabel 8mths

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