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  5. 30 weeks and was wondering when I will loose my plug???? please answer.

30 weeks and was wondering when I will loose my plug???? please answer. Lock Rss

I was just wondering when the normal time is to loose your mucus plug? just so I dont freak out smile thanks.
There is no real normal time. Some people don't even lose it! I never did and I went a week over with both of mine.

Some people might start losing theirs at 36 weeks, others not til 38 weeks, or 39, or 40 weeks.
Usually if you do lose your mucus plug you lose it within about 2 weeks of going into labour so don't freak out if you start losing it it doesn't usually mean your going to go straight into labour. I hope this helps.
I didn't lose my plug with both of my pregnancies.

I lost mine in the hour before dd was born.
I lost mine at 37 and a half weeks, DD was born 6 days later.
I didn't lose mine until I had actually been in labour for a few hours so don't stress smile

I lost mine at 38+5 weeks.

Most people i know only lost in during labour.

i lost mine 1 hour before my waters broke and 4 hours before i gave birth.
I lost mine just as my labour started. It was just like a lot of discharge all at once and no blood so I wasn't 100% sure that's what it was but a couple of hours later contractions started so that's what it must've been. I was 38 wks.
hi, i didnt loose my "plug" with either up until i was in labour, and even then it wasnt obvious...just slowly mixed in with the fluids

With my twins i started losing my plug in small pieces about 2 days before my elective C sec so 37 weeks.. Nothing with this pregnancy yet though.

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