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Contractions... Please come back Lock Rss

I was having contractions all day yesterday, they weren't to painful, but enough to make me think things were all going to happen........

We were on a 2 hour drive to go to a friends funeral and I was praying they would hold off enough to get us there and home again and it seems I prayed to hard, by the time we got home the had completely gone. Now I want them back....

I'm a little impatient I know, but now that I've spent a day thinking I was going to meet my baby I don't want to wait.....

Will they come back, or is this going to last ages??? With my first pregnancy I went straight into full labour so this is all new to me.

What should I expect?????

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Have you tried walking lots stairs are really good for making the contractions come back, when my third labour stopped the midwives sent me for a walk around the third floor of the hospital and 30min later they were back with a hope it happens for you soon, good luck smile

I had the exact same thing yesterday!! For 2-3 hours had strong contractions (not painful really, only it was a dull ache like a period pain that made me think that things could be happening), and I was even timing them, they were up to 5 minutes apart at one stage. Then I went to bed and they went away!

So sorry if I haven't helped you at all! But I had the same thing last week (at 38 weeks) so I'd say your body is gearing up for the big day and that it's not long now!

All the best!

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