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Who can share stories of very Premmie Babies? Lock Rss

Hello all,

My sister in law just gave birth to a little boy at 25 weeks gestation... so he has been born 15 weeks early. He is so tiny weighing just 900g and is just 35cm long.

The last 48 hours he has had bleeding into his lung which the doctors have stopped and then bleeding into the left side of his brain, which has caused some motor damage. The doctors were able to stop the bleeding.

I am trying so hard to remain positive for this tiny boy who is fighting for life...

I am wondering if any of you can share some stories with me of other premmie babies out there.


Hi Michelle, my cousin was born premmie years and years ago. She weighed just under one pound and fitted into my uncles hand. She was like a little doll and was in hospital for a very long time. My aunty and uncle were told she would be small and very slow to pick things up. My cousin was one of the brightest children not only in her school but her class. She taught herself how to use a computer at 7 (in the early 80's) and spoke 3 languages. She also played the piano and the violin. She had to have tests done every year to check her progress and she was fine. She is now 27 and has a 3 year old daughter. There is nothing wrong with her....

A family friend had her baby 18 weeks premmie. Her water broke so they kept her in hospital for 3 weeks giving her steriods so the babies lungs would develop. They then decided to do an emergency caesarean. I cant remember the size but she too survived. The little girl was in hospital for 3 months before she was allowed to go home.

My cousin Brodie was born in the late 70's and she survived. We have gained so much in knowledge and technology since then and from the sounds of things the hospital sounds very on the ball. Babies are such fighters, they have to be to even be conceived.

I have everything crossed for you and hoping your nephew will continue his fight. Just remember every second, every minute he is getting stronger and stronger......

I am sorry I cant personally relate to your position but I would be shocked if there wasnt someone on this site who can.

Please take care and give your beautiful children a big hug! I know I have just looked at Caleb in a different light today.

Talk soon,

Hi Michelle!!

I hope your little nephew is doing ok and that you and your family are keeping well smile

My little cousin was born at 26weeks gestation, i can't remember how much he weighed but i think he was just one pound or there abouts. My Aunty was experiencing heavy bleeding and it was starting to affect the baby so they had to do an emergency cesarian. he was lucky and despite his tiny size, didnt experience any major health problems. He remained in hospital for about 6 weeks before he was transfered to his towns hospital. He is now 4years old and is doing really well. He is fit and active and very happy. Developmentally he was abit slower to talk but now he is just as good as any other 4 year old. he also is allergic to alot of food but his sister is too so that may be a genetic thing.

We believe that the thing that got him through it, was alot of faith and love. It sounds as though your family and friends have alot of that to give so my best wishes are with you all smile

Big hugs to you all:)
hello michelle

i hope ur nephew is doing ok.

I was born 13 weeks early and weighed 2 pound 8 ounces. Both my lungs collapsed. (there were other things aswell but not sure wat exactly). that was in 1984 im now 20 years old and going strong.

i now have a son who was 7 weeks early his lungs also collapsed he weighed 1845 grams. he is now 2 and a bright little boy who is growing fast and is healthy

Hope this has helped some.

Stay positive and take care of urself and ur family.

Best wishes


Casey, TJ (15/8/2002) and due in march

i have friends who had their bubs esarly but not that early most recently a friends son was born 7 weeks early weighing 4 pound 1 . he is a big healthy 5 monthold baby now doing very well

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14


I have a friend who had a baby boy at 24 weeks weighing only 648g in early May. He is now out of hospital and doing well weighing 3.3kg. He is showing no signs of any disabilities and is becoming a big strong boy.

Bub will pull through as they are real litlle fighters and hopefully he will take the lead of my friends bub.

My thoughts and wishes are with you and your families.

...I have to share the devastating news that my sister in laws baby boy Connor lost his fight for life and passed away this morning...

Thankyou all for sharing your stories, thoughts and wishes.

Hi Michelle
i just wanted to say what sad news.

when i had Hannah a friend of mine had twin girls about the same time who were premmie as her waters were infected and she had to deliever them around 26wks i think, and they only lived for 1 hour. and i felt so guilty that i had a heathy baby and they lost 2 babies. it just didnt seem fair. and the guilt i felt i just didnt know what to say or do. it was the worst feeling i have ever had.

i think its natural to feel that way tho.

DD 13/11/03 -DD 11.11.05 - DS 17.4.08

Hi Im Leisa,

Hi Michelle, well to begin with My pregnancy was an IVF conception. I had the second attempt and succeeded in conception of feternal twin boys. My pregnancy was fraught with old blood, diabetes more blood and compedent cirvix and lack of fluid around one twin, and not growing for a couple of weeks, then I was to be enduced at 32 weeks and then they came at 34 weeks and a day. I was at Westmead Hospital till they were born for 2 mths to be exact and was a casear and the first twin went from special care to intensive care then back to special care the next day, whilst the second twin was in intensive care for the whole first 5 days of his life. This was a torture from the 27th week of pregnancy, not to mention the things I went through in understanding we had a fertility prob to birth. So along with a troubled pregnancy We had to face that of conceiving. So Getting to the end was a real fight. Not to mention, my mother was in heaven, Father self absorbed and sister. In Law's febble, and had the Will of my Mother being contested by Step father. I never got time to greve and was thrown into will battle all the way to supreme court, because of greedy Step father. So I completely understand. Mrs L. Commins.

Mrs. L Commins

hi michelle,
i read your post.. i know a lady who had a baby not much older than your sister in law. her name is karen..
here is my email, send me an email and i will give you her email there as i don't want to give it here..

[email protected]

i'll let her know as well.
Hi Michelle

I have a son who was born at 31weeks and only weighed 1kg. My son spent the next two months in hospital growing very slowly. It was very hard to have a child and not be able to take him home every night and also hard to sleep wondering if he is okay. My son is now 22mths old and is doing very well compared to when he was born looking like a skinned rabbit. My son is full of life he may not talk much yet but he shows it in other ways. Tell your sister-in-law to hang in there and that mothers of premmie babies are very special people. There is also a website called The Feather Weight Club it is part of the Mercy Hospital for Women in Melbourne and anyone can join this club they send out newsletters to parents of premature babies. I have found this to be very useful. Tell her that her little bundle of joy will be home in no time.

Tania, Vic jellybean baby

Hi there

My daughter was born at 24 weeks and 5 days and weighed 715grams and was 33cm long. She will celebrate her first birthday at the end of this month.

What can I say....Premmie babies are truly special babies. OUr daughter Hannah is a twin and unfortunately we lost her twin sister 3 days before I delivered the girls.

Hannah spent 16 weeks in hospital and I can say it was a difficult time but watching Hannah develop and grow in strength every day made it all worthwhile. She didn't have an easy road having had three operations in her 16 weeks and all of them were performed outside of our city so it meant being away from home. All of the things you talk about above sound so familiar.

Our beautiful daughter is just the most amazingly determined and happy wee girl and I must say to see her now it is hard to believe the start she had in life. We feel extremely lucky and make the most of every day together.

I know how difficult it is when you are caught up in the moment but it does get easier and the way I looked at it, was Hannah was strong enough to make it into the world, therefore she was determined to make it.

Just think, every day he is with you he is getting stronger. I know it is cliche but every day does count.

I hope all goes well (I am positive it will).

Thinking of you

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