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what position did you give birth in ?? Lock Rss

hey ladies, ive started thinking about the birth and whether to try birthing in a diff position to last time to prevent/minimise grazing, tears and stitches !!!

so tell me, what position did you give birth in
was it the same if you have more than 1 bub
did you like it & would you do it in that possy again
did you need repairs so to speak

sorry if its asking for tmi but its got me wondering what i should do


I am always on my back lying on the bed. Every baby is the same. my babies come out quick and i havent grazed or had stitches, so its just easy for me.. I must say for my second baby i though the birthing stool would be great so i did try that, but all the pain was in my front and it hurt more than lying down.. so i just stick with what i know.
I was in bed lying down as I was strapped to a million different things (premmie) and I needed a few minor repairs in the end. Hoping for a more active labour and a different position this time.
thanks ladies, princess (sorry i dont even know your name lol) i'm the same as you, was on my back and had a few straps around my belly (premmie) but hoping to try a diff position as i think it may help with needing repairs

Hi! I've only had the one baby, I was on my back (epidural and they were monitering my blood pressure which went right through the roof [thats probably normal I think! considering what your body is doing!]
ANyway I also had a vacuum extraction [which f'ing hurt excuse the francais!]
I had no tears or episiotimies, which was a total surprise, I did graze heavily though.

I'd like to try another position myself for my next baby one day as lying on my back plus an epidural - for me - contributed to a long labour (24hrs) and I'd like the aid of gravity next time.

But I guess I'll just have to cross that road when I get there...

which positions are you considering?

Flat on my back (bed semi reclined) with all of mine... except DS3 - they had to roll me onto my side as his heart rate was dropping and was a little stuck, and he was out within 2-3 mins of me being rolled - he was 4.6kg though.

I keep getting told that laying on your back is the worst position for labour - but felt so right for me.
2 of mine I was only on the bed for a few minutes when they came out, one was nearly born in the car, the other at the ED, but we made it to the delivery room!
When you have fast labours, you don't really have time to try different positions....
Sitting/laying - the bed was really upright, so I could look down and see what was happening. Had stitches with the first one, but was probably laying a bit flatter. Not even a graze with the second and because I was upright I helped pull him out! Will probably go that way again - I was too scared to stand or kneel, thought I'd either poo everywhere or baby would just fall out, lol - silly but I couldn't help it.

i also have the idea that gravity would help

so was thinking of a birthing stool or pretty much sitting up in bed, was kinda 1/2 siting 1/2 flat.

kalnnicsmummy, i kinda like the idea of being able to help, i think i could handle that

Hi, I had my first on my back, as i had a epi, but with my second, i was on all fours and i also got on my knees, it helped alot!

Flat on my back and I wound up with a tear that required stitches. I had an OB check me and couldn't move to get back on my hands and knees to push as I was sooo exhausted from being in labour so long due to him being posterior even though hands and knees was most comfortable.

I don't want to on my back this time, I'll find whatever position is comfortable smile

Love my boys M-10/05/08 J-01/12/09


With DD1, I was flat on my back due to an epi after a 24hr, posterior labour. I ended up with a 3rd degree tear probably due to a vacuum extraction.

DD2's birth was so quick that I only just got my underwear down and was standing beside the bed when she started crowning. I was helped up onto the bed and one push and she was out. So ended up half lying down for her as well. 2nd degree tear that time. But really didnt feel the stitches afterwards.

I was stuck on my back being monitored for GD, bed not flat though, sitting up a little.
I had a 3rd degree tear and had lots of repairs, also grazed and stretched or torn urethra! The urethra is still sore 5 weeks later and so much worse pain than the tear.
They said next time they'll suggest I have a c-section but if I was to try VB I should be cut first and deliver on all fours so guess that's better for tearing. Problem is I'll prob have GD again and need to be monitored so that won't work! Oh well, cross that bridge when we come to it smile
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