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Day 4 after labour - baby blues! Lock Rss

Hi girls,

I was talking about this subject with my girlfriend yesterday, she was asking about baby blues and if its for real my answer was of course YES!

Mine was in hospital on the 4th day after I had given birth wich was the day I was leaving to go home. The midwife walked around my room and was saying that it was my turn for the baby blues and she expected me to be in tears by about 11am. Well she was right, It was a round the time that hurricane Katrina hit I was watching Dr. Phils coverage of it and was absolutely sobbing the whole day....And when it was time for my fiance to take me and bubby home from the hospital..Wow is that scary I didnt want to get out of the car I was frozen thinking OMG if I take my baby inside thats it, its on I am responsible for this precious life....I stood in the kitchen for half the night crying with my guy just holding me.
Its amazing the hormones and emotions that hit you, and its nice to know that they are totally normal and how sleep deprivation in those early months can make it all alot worse, but I found that people dont talk about it alot.

But that was my eperience anyway, its scary being a new mummy and its normal to feel scared! So good luck girls and understand that its all part of the process smile

Hey Natalie,

Your bub was born the day I found out I was pregnant! It was also the day before out 7th wedding anniversary!

Thanks for your post!

Mum of Ondene Rose 27/6/2006, EDD Baby Boy 11 Feb

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