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Anyone have overdue bub#1 and early bub #2?? Lock Rss

Hi all,

Just wondering if anyone was overdue with their first and had an early or on-time baby with their 2nd?

I am 9 wks preg with #2 and my first was induced at 11 days overdue. I'm so certain I will be overdue with this one too, but just wondering if anyone had any stories of 2nd babies arriving on time or a little earlier than the EDD. ... should i not be assuming that this one will be so late aswell?!?

thanks everyone!!
Congrats on your pregnancy with #2!

My first was induced 14 days over.

With my second I was originally told I was due on the 27th (spot on by me). At my second ultrasound they changed it to the 21st due to size, even though I kept telling them that 27th added up by my calculations.

I went into labout naturally on the 26th and Isabelle was born on the 27th.

By my (and docs first) calculations she was right on time, although she was written up as 6 days late.
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