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Primerose Oil tablets , If any ladys have tried them ?? Lock Rss

Hi im 38 weeks, and have just brought some Primrose Oil Tablets, If u have Tryed them , could you please let me know , =) I wanna know how they work ???

i did. I insert 2 as close to my cervix as i could when i hoped into bed. ( wear a pad it can be messy)

They are supposed to help ripen your cervix. I only did it the one night dd was born the very next night.

i''''m baking a baby

Evening Primrose Oil is another ‘cervix ripening’ method. EPO helps by imitating prostaglandin can be used orally and/or internally.
A usual oral dosage is 2-3 of 500mg capsules daily from 36 weeks. If you are taking EPO internally, you can do this from 36 weeks – simply insert 2-3 capsules directly to the cervix before bed. You might like to wear a pad or liner as it can get messy when you get up.

thanks =) i brought the other dai, Might try some tonight , fingers crosses =)

I did 2 up and 1 down in the week between induction 1 and 2. 1st induction didnt work as my cervix ws not ready, so did the EPO for the week I went insane waiting, then was all go when they induced me 2nd time, my waters were even bulging (1st induction they could not get to them) - i wear it helped me, turning an unripe crevix into a ripe one. No harm in trying either - but def wear a pad when u insert them at night!

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Hi, i was none the wiser to the evening primrose oil until this post & another one :-S I am only 7weeks pregnant but just wondering is it to early to start taking the capsuals? & also is it to early to start drinking the respberry tea?
hey =) umm i'm not totally sure, only what if been told, you start the raspberry leaf tea from 36 weeks onwards, but some ladys take it from day one ????? But i always thought from 36 weeks as it helps to sofen ur cervix ready to deliver=) and the primrose tablets , i started putting them up near my cervix from 37 weeks ! not sure about talking them normally sorry ! anyway some other ladys might write and let you know , or you can look it up, good luck on your pregnacy =)

RLT are supposed to help strenthen/tone your utererine muscles therefore aiding you during labour. I wasn't aware of it doing anything to assist the cervix in ripening. EPO I'm fairly sure is not recomended until the last couple of weeks of pregnancy.

ETA - Just found some further info <span class="emoticon smile">smile</span>
Raspberry Leaf

[Edited on 14/12/2009]
Thankyou ladies, so neither is to be taken until last 3months??? & another qick question... Is the EPO just as affective if taken via mouth instead of inserting it virinally to your cervix?
The problem with inserting into the vagina is that if the cervix has started to dialate at all it can introduce infection.
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