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TENS machine (any tips?) Lock Rss

Hi Ladies,

I'm wanting to know if you have used a TENS machine in labour? How well did you find that it worked for you and any tips about using it?

My mum has loaned me her TENS machine to use at home during early labour. I had a bit of a practice play with it today.

Now just waiting for labour to start.



I tried it, but didn't find that it did much. I felt more comfortable without it, although it's possible I didn't have it positioned right. I always think it's worth trying anything that might help you to have a drug-free labour.
I tried it when in early labour - it did nothing for me either. Felt cool though, but certainly help me, could be the fact that I got induced, but when I used it, contractions were not that bad and they had only ued the gel. Just remember everyones different, and what works for u might not be the case for others - just do what u feel is best.

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We played around with TENS in my last physio class and I quite liked the feeling and could see it would be a good distraction at the very least.
I myself won't be using it though as I am an epileptic. After the class I said to my hubby that I found it interesting no one (docs or physios) knowing my history, had ever even discussed the fact that using a TENS machine can actually be harmful for a pregnant epileptic woman.
I was disappointed but ultimately glad that I was sensible enough to realise that something that affects my neuron pattern, is probably not good for me given my situation. This has since been confirmed by numerous medical staff. If only they'd asked in the beginning, it's nearly the only reason a person shouldn't use the TENS machine.

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I used it for my labour and it helped in the beginning, maybe for about 2 hours but then it felt like a waste of time so I used gas and when that started feeling like a waste of time too I got an epidural.
Definitely have it with you and use it when you first start to feel some pain but it doesn't help much when you are close to the end!

i hav 1 bub, born in June, was quick labour, only 3.5hrs at 35wks, no contractions before my waters broke. midwife put tens on me n it was great, i didnt use any gas or drugs. turned it on with each contraction, n off wen contraction eased (although i wasnt very good at that, my husband did that for me). i will use it with my next wen ever that is!!

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