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16yo mum 2 be bubs due in aug... Lock Rss

hi everyone..
im 16 and have 15 weeks left til i have a son...
Everyday i think about labour.. im so scared..can anyone give me advice on pain relief and how it helped..i am thinking of having a epidural..
and is there many complications i could face cause i am so young?
id love to talk to anyone..

trey is nearly 9 months yay

Hi Nelly

firstly congratulation on being pregnant.

i had pretty much everything with my first i started with gas and that can make you feel a bit spaced out but can help early on in labour and some women find that all they need throughout their whole labour.

then i tried pethadeine that seemed to do nothing for me i had a very long labour and i think i left it a bit late to try but i know of other women that it has helped out. also some women find this makes them feel sick.

so then i went for the epi at the time i didn't even think twice about it i was very tired after not sleeping for 3 days and just wanted some relief this definatly helped however i had to have 2 shots as only one side went numb at first and later i needed a top up aswell.
if you do choose to have an epi the anethetist will explain everything they will do and any problems or side effects before they will do it.

good luck with labour and don't forget that the midwives are there to help and answer any questions or queries you might have.

if you have any more questions don't hesitate to ask

Jess 2005, Steph 2006, Chris 2008 and Olly 2009

Hello smile

I think if you haven't already been to them, you should go to some anti-natal classes. I didn't know what to expect during labour so I was pretty freaked out by the idea, but I have been to a few classes and now that I have some idea of whats going to happen i'm not as scared. At the classes you'll learn all about giving birth and what pain medications will be available to you.
Maybe when you get closer to your due date you won't feel as worried about the birth, i Know that now i've only got like 6 weeks or so to go I'm not that worried about the birth, i just want this baby out because its getting pretty cramped in there lol.

If you need someone to talk to you can chat to me, my email/msn is [email protected]

Another thing that might help is if you get someone to go along to the birth with you, it helps to have support.

Good Luck with everything

Bec xo
hi nelly

dont be scared trust me. i was 18 when i had my 1st and everyone was telling me the worst of stories and i have a very limited pain threeshold and went in to a state of sock when my waters broke (didnt last long had to get it together smile )

anyway everyone has there story nd 9 out of 10 sound scary but my best advice is to be prepared. walk heaps (as much as you can) and massage your perinium regularly as this will help limit tearing (dont worry not that scary) my labour lasted 4 1/2 hours with no worries and i walked for almst 3 hours that day (shopping) so get walking dont think about pain andyou will be fine. just think as soon as the shoulders are out, there is no more pain

good luck and remember your not alone


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Hey Girl!

Wow, congrats girlfriend! It's so exciting and amazing isn't it? I'm due on the 8th of Aug so our bubs are due on the same month. And don't worry, you'll be fine.

Being pregnant for the first time, you sure do hear alot of stories and experiences from other women. But I found borrowing books on pregnancy and labour really useful for me. I too was nervous and anxious about the labour, but it prepared me for it so nothing was out of the ordinary. When you r familiar with some aspects, its a bit easier. U relax more.

It taught me how to breathe properly in order to reduce pain and tearing. I didn't use any pain relief except gas which made me feel abit airy in the head. Its all in the mind though.

Hope this helps u coz it sure did help me. I really am happy for you.

Ciao Sexy

Julie, Fairfield NSW, 10mth baby, due 8th Aug 06

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