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What time did your labour start? Lock Rss

Were you one who started during the day or were you one to start during the night?
[Edited on 20/12/2009]

grin hi

with DS1 my labour began at 4am with contractions 4.5 mins apart... he wasnt born until 6:59pm though!

with DS2 it was midnight when my waters broke and contractions began at 7ish mins apart... he was born at 7:19am.
with DD1 I started at 7am she was born at 3.23am
DS1 I started at 6am he was born at 9.56am
DS2 started at 4am and was born at 6pm
DD2 waters were manually broken at 10am and she was born at 2.04pm

Cheers Ness

with DS1 mycontractions started 9:30pm on the monday and were about 10 minutes apart, i was at my sister in laws house, they stayed preety regular between 10 mins and 15 mins waters broke on wednesday morning at 5am...i had him at 12:45am thurday morning by c-section...DS2 what a breeze went in at 7:30 am had him via c-section at 9:30am.

DD1 - Waters broke at 6pm, really mild contractions started straight away and she was born 3:14pm the following day.

DD2 - First niggle at 11am, small gush of waters at 2pm, rang DF to say this MIGHT be it at 3:20pm, DD born at 4:08pm (needless to say we'd only got out of the car 8 minutes prior to her being born).

Edit: Expanding on answers as everyone else has.
[Edited on 21/12/2009]
contractions started at 4am and had him at 3.05pm that day

DD1 contratcions started at 1:50am she was born at 9:14pm that night.

DD2 woke with contractions at 2:30am and she was born 3:30am, just made it to the hospital.
all 3 of mine at night with my DS's i got into hospital both times at midnight..
DD got into hospital about 2.55am she was born 3.11am so still basically night time.

turned out good less traffic when driving to hossy..

I was induced with both DDs at 8pm.
DD waters broke at 1am had her at 909am
DS woke with contractions at 230am had him at 440am smile

DS1 was 5am he was born at 9pm that night... Was at the hospial for 6 hours before i had him

DS2 at 7 am he was born at 2.50pm that afternoon... Was at the hospital 2hours and 20 mins until i had him
DS1 was induced at 8.30pm and my contractions started bout midnight.

DS2 I started getting contractions at bout 6pm ish it wasn't til bout 1.30am that they started to realy bother me and became more consistant. Refused to go to the hospital for 24hrs coz they never became regular so I kept telling myself it was false labour. Was only at the hospital for 2hrs when he was born.
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