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What time did your labour start? Lock Rss

had a show at 2pm tuesday, contractions started at 5:30pm, got regular at 10:30pm, hospital at 5:30am wednesday, membranes ruptured by doc at 8:30am, em c/section at 4pm

My baby girl Hannah, and my hubby are my whole wor

with DS i went into labor at 9:30pm and he was bron 12:40am 2 days later.

I had a 12:59am, a 4:17am, a caesar and no labour and a 12:30pm.
was induced both times

ds 8am born at 10:54 am

dd 9am born at 12.35pm
mild contractions started at 2.30am, stronger by about 4.30am, got to hospital at 5am, water broke at 6.45am, DS wasn't born til 11.45am (ended up needing forceps as he was stuck).

My waters broke at 3pm and contractions started at 7pm. I had DS at half past midnight that night. Not bad for my first baby!!!
DS1 - woken from dead sleep with BIG contraction at 3:28am, waddled to the toilet and my waters broke. Got the the hospital at 6:45am and DS was born at 9:47am.

DS2 - Waters broken in hospital (was 4cm dilated for about a week beforehand) at 3:15pm, DS arrived at 4:30pm.

DD1 - waters leaking at 2pm, went to hospital as they'd been leaking for a couple of days. First contraction right on midnight, she was born 3.05pm.

DD2 - first contraction 6.30am, got to hospital at 10.30am, had waters broken at 11.30am, was 4cm dilated. She was born 45minutes later at 12.15pm - she was in a hurry!

My waters broke at 2am, but contractions didn't start till around 6am, so bit of both for me really!

My waters broke at 9.30am.. labour started about 3pm and he was born 1.30am the next morning
DS1 started 9pm & was born 8.30pm the following night.
DS2 started 1am & was born 7.30am same day.
It does seem like a lot of them start in the evening or while in bed.

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