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low lying placanta. Lock Rss

I im 13 weeks and 3days, i had my first ultrasound yesterday. During witch the lady informed me i have a low lying placanta,And in most cases they Do move but by the looks oF mine it isnt. She made me book an anitnatal For asap. as my next app wasnt until end Jan. Few Questions.
this is my 3rd child. other two born natrual. i was informed if it dosnt move i have to have c-section( id rathr not) and i have been bleedin here and there atleast twice a week. sometimes once a week, and after sex i bleed a lil also witch we have seized Now. has anyone had the same situation or similar No what u can cant Do?? has someone had it at this stage and had it move so u could deliver natrually.

Hi there

Both my early scans (for my DS1 and now DS2) have shown that I have had low lying placenta's.

Both times I went for a re-scan at 30 weeks which is recommended and it has been well out of the way, which generally happens.

I had a bleed at 10 weeks with this pregnancy but nothing since and didn't with my previous pregnancy. Have u spoken to your doctor about the bleeding?

Oh yeah, I had a vaginal birth with my DS1 - all was good.

Good luck, hope every thing goes fine.

i go to the doctors wednesday. the lady who did the scan dosnt seem to think its going to move.

last day i lost any blood was tuesday. and it every couple days with my first two they were delivered natrtual, im just concered bout what can happen and what to avoid?
Hey I had a low lying placenta with my DD! They found it at my 20 week scan. And I bleed all the time from 8weeks to 38weeks! (even without sex!) In the End it was a few mm's off my cervix so it was ok to have a natural! I gave birth within 40 minutes & the placenta got a bit stuck but came out fine in the end smile

Try not to stress about it too much. If you have to have a c-sec then I guess you got to do what it right for your baby!

xx Hope all goes well smile

DS-20.05.05 & DD-23.11.07

At 13weeks a low lying placenta is not even worth worrying about. Highly unlikely it won't move up. Actually placentas don't actually move, your uterus stretches as the baby grows and the placenta moves up as it stretches. Most care providers are comfortable with the placenta being around 20mm from your cervix, not far really!!
If you are concerned there are homeopathic remedies that you can take to help the process. You might want to consider this option...
This is reported in around 5% of pregnancies at the 18-20 week scan. There is no need to worry if you are amongst this 5% – you can continue your daily activities as per normal unless you have been advised otherwise.

In your third trimester (until around 36 weeks) the bottom part of your uterus does most of it’s growing and stretching, taking the placenta with it. It doesn’t ‘migrate’ upwards, but being attached to the uterine wall, it’s carried upwards with it. In 0.5% of cases, the placenta doesn’t move up with the uterus – so given that small percent, there is an extremely good chance that your placenta will not be covering your cervix when it’s time to give birth, enabling you to have a vaginal birth.

If you have a low lying placenta at 18-20 weeks, this does not mean you need a caesarean section. The placenta will highly likely move as mentioned above. The uterus still has much growing to do, so an ultrasound late in your third trimester will give you and your carer a better picture on what’s really going on and if it really is of concern.

Placenta Praevia (which means placenta first) is a rare condition which occurs in around 0.5% of pregnancies. Instead of implanting on the uterine wall, the placenta implants partly or wholly over the cervix.

If you have Placenta Praevia, you will likely need to birth your baby by caesarean section depending on the grade or degree of Placenta Praevia. You may be able to birth vaginally if you have a grade 1 or 2 Placenta Praevia, however if you have grades 3 or 4, a caesarean section will be necessary. This wont be booked in immediately, if you don’t go into labour before hand, you will likely be booked in at around 38 weeks when your baby is more mature. If you go into labour prior to this you will need an emergency caesarean. A grade 4 Placenta Praevia will often mean being admitted to hospital at the first bleed and remaining as an inpatient until birth.

Thankx for the Adivce everyone. Since i posted last i have had yet another scan.. as they are highly concered as i recently had a op in August lsat year. Witch has left a lot of scar tissue in my stomach and ovaries and tubes etc, and my placenta is very Low... to the extend im not allowed to left anythink vaccum or hang out washin. witch is hard to avoid wen i have a 2 year old and 4 year old.
But im prayin all will work out and it will move i have another scan in 3 wks. so Fingers crossed.
Hi, this is the first time I've posted on here but this is a topic I am very familiar with. At my 13 week ultra sound with both of my pregnancies I was told my placenta was low lying and that they will check it out at my 20 week.With my first they again said it was not as high as what they would like so I had to have another scan I think around 32 or 34 weeks but it had moved enough that there was no concern at all.
With my second pregnancy however at my 20 week ultra sound they said my placenta was completely covering my cervix and they were pretty sure I would have to have a cesarean. I got booked in for another scan at again I think around the 30 week mark. I wasn't told at that stage to take any precautionary measures they did say if you notice any bleeding come straight in. so thinking I had nothing to worry about and that it would move and it would all be peachy.
I went on with my daily activities as normal... At 29 wks after intercourse I started bleeding so into the hospital I went and there I stayed for 3 days.At this stage they knew I had grade 4 placenta previa they said it could move to a grade 3 but I was definate for a ceserean. When the bleeding had stopped for 24hours they let me go home this happened again within a week the third time they kept me in until I gave birth. WHich was very hard at the time I had a 2 yeear old and my partner had just started uni. The bleeding continued until at 34weeks+2days they decided it was too risky for them to let me go any longer so I was rushed away to be givin an emergency ceserean. My baby was healthy he was was a good size at 5lb 1oz for how prem he was he had to stay in NICU for just over 2 weeks but now he is a 8 month old little bruiser who you couldn't even tell he was prem. I also didn't want to have a ceserean and was quite upset when I found out I had to have one. After having one natural birth though I did consider myself blessed as some people dont even get the chance to have that. I was told though that there is 50% chance in another pregnancy of having placenta previa again because of the scarring from my ceserean. They said because of the position of my placenta they had to do the incision higher on my uteris than a normal c section so they wouldnt cut too much into the placenta which gives me a high chance of having the same thing again so maybe your scarring has something to do with why they are concerned with you at this stage. I would definately take it easy. I know its hard but you want to keep your little bean safe. Love to hear updates on your story. I know while I stayed in hospital (felt like forever) there was another girl who also had grade 4 placenta previa and she also had her baby at 34weeks. SOrry that I wrote a book but just wanted to let you know of a great outcome of a bit of a scary situation smile WIsh you all the very best
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