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i know there is already a post on this topic but i can not find it any where!!!

any tips on what to take?? just dont want to forget anything?

Kayla Elizabeth (10/1/06) Mummy''''s Angel

hi there,
congats on pregnancy.
how far along are you?
my first pregnancy i gave birth 3 weeks early with no chance to pack anything before going to the hospital and my second was 4 weeks early and i threw a few things together before going to the hospital. hopefully 3rd time around i'll be organised.

hi thanks you, same to you!!
i am 34wks so not long to go now, just starting to organise my bags and get everything ready.
maybe your 3rd bub will be on due date so you have a bit more time to get prepared!! lol
good luck

Kayla Elizabeth (10/1/06) Mummy''''s Angel

Depending on how long you are staying in, Nighties and or pjs or day clothes (a few extra for first day as you can leak through), lots of undies (preferably black ones), lots of pads (nappy sacks for disposal of pads & nappies), slippers, robe, toiletries ( shower gel and puff, powder & deodorant, skincare, makeup, shampoo & cond, hair brush, hair dryer, hair ties, clips etc), going home outfit for yourself and bubs, tissues, disposable nappies, wet ones, preferred baby bath gel for first bath, baby clothes as most hospitals dont provide (white bonds unisex nighties are a saviour in the first days) baby singlets, socks or booties, definately a pair of scratch mittens as babies nails are usually long when first born, beanies (to keep babies head warm straight after birth). Lollies or snacks as there are long gaps between mealtimes! and man are you hungry after birth!), small bottle of straight cordial (this is a good tip as you are encouraged to drink lots of water after birth and cordial helps)! Phone charger (but dont forget to take it home with you, Ive left mine there on two occasions!) I generally buy a pack of extra large zip lock bags and organise a bag for myself after labour with fresh nightie, underwear, nursing bra, pads, breast pads and sample size toiletries, toothbrush toothpaste etc. I also make up a bag for baby post birth with singlet, suit, hat, mittens,a wrap or two and a nappy etc, I take these in my labour bag. It's lovely when everything is organised after the birth, no rummaging through bags! hopefully haven't forgotten anything..Good luck!

Also your camera and its charger! And possibly some togs/shorts for your partner incase you want them to join you in the shower or bath.

lip balm and moisturiser......air con can be hell! snacks and maybe a good book or puzzle book for when bubs is asleep and you cant sleep

DS 11/01/08 DD 20/12/2009

Your own pillow! It will be much more comfortable to sleep on, and will smell like home smile
hi ladies - i am in the same boat, have no idea what to pack..... how many pads will i need to take to hospital?? say if i stayed 3 days?

I buy the green packet of maternity pads - stayfree I think, they are the real big pads and are great for day 1 and 2. You will probably need up to a pack for the first 24 or so hours, I did, but we are all different. Remember that you will probably leak through a few times first day, So dark undies and maybe a few changes of pjs etc for first day. Libra goodnights are also a great option for day 2 onwards as they are not as bulky but still offer good protection. I would say all up, buy 3 packs, that way you will have some left over for home.

There is a lot on my essentials list but really I personally rather to have more than less especially when i had my first as its all new etc.
~~LIP BALM for labour (A MUST)
~~Socks and slippers for labour make sure to take spares in case the others get dirty with blood of something (even if its summer as well)
~~A pillow or blanket from home for comfort
~~Breastfeeding pillow or U shapes pillow
~~ Room spray or a spray bottle filled with some water and your favourite essential oil, this will help get rid of the hospital smell and make you feel more relaxed
~~ Music, iPod- Don't limit yourself to a certain cd or genre as you may hate it once you're in labour, so just take various ones or make sure you have various one on your iPod
~~ Heat/wheat packs
~~ Your own water from home as the hospital water may taste funny and may annoy you or something during labour
~~Snacks for yourself during labour and/or your support people
~~Nipple Cream (100% Lanolin)
~~ Your Birth Plan that your support people and carers know
~~ Mittens for bubs as their nails grow VERY fast and can be quite sharp even once born
~~ Hair bands
~~ Massage oil
~~ Tennis ball to massage your back with
~~ Supplements, something with extra iron would be good aswell like "Spatone" (< not sure if they have that where you live) as you're losing a lot of blood after the birth as well as lactation, looking after bubs=using lots of energy
~~Lots of old underwear that you don't mind throwing out or black undies that won't stain from the blood
~~ Breastpads, reusable are better especially if you have/get sore nipples
~~ At least 2 maternity bras
~~Double of everything like toiletries, toothbrush, toothpaste etc, so you can have ones already out to use at home and other for your bag so when you go into labour you don't ahve to run around after items
~~Gum or breathfreshener as you may be too tired sometimes to get up and you'll be having visitors and you don't really want stinky breath
~~ Extra food and goodies for yourself as maternity ward meals arent enough to full up a new lactating mother, trust me you'll get really thristy and hungry as your body is still working very hard
~~ Rescue Remedy (look it up on the net) Spray twice or put 4 drops into one cup of water and sip throughout your labour
~~ Bathers or spare clothes for your support people so they can help you in the tub or shower
~~More than one pair or pants and top for each day you plan on staying as with pants you may leak blood over them and with the top you may leak breastmilk over it
~~TWO Labour outfits, this can just be an oversized mens shirt or a dress, it's preferable to have one where it's easy to access your breasts and chest so bubs and have skin to skin contact but you amy end up stripping off before or after the labour anyway-remember you won't be wearing undies during labour and they need good access to your tummy to listen to bubs heartbeat with the doppler
~~ Spare batteries for your camera
~~ Phone charger
~~ Spare cash for vending machine or pay phone and/or phone card for pay phone

Just reading through what some people take is incredible. I wonder if their hospital provided anything. I am expecting my third child in a maximum of 10 weeks but in 7 weeks if I get my way with the ob as the last labour was 20 mins and I now live 30 mins from the hospital.

I went to Mercy Hospital in Mt Lawley WA and shall again which is a private hospital if you go public then I believe you need to take your own kitchen sink.

For the labour portion of your bag you will want camera, phone, music, any snacks and maybe lipbalm, basically any really personal items to make your birth experience personal. Private hospitals provide gowns that are fine and you don't have to clean them. For your hospital stay bag the private hospital provides baby clothes, blankets, wraps, nappies and some provide pads. You would need your daily clothes, pj's, robe, slippers breast pads, maternity pads and personal toiletries. DO NOT forget the Lansinoh which is a godsend for your nipples.

I would advise contacting your Birthing Unit and ask them directly what they provide so then you'll know what you will need to do. Just remember you have to take all this stuff home at the end as well as all the flowers and giftss you receive. I have watched new parents just about needing a truck to get home whereas I would rather focus on getting my baby securely into it's seat and going home as trust me that is the most harrowing journey the first time you do it, but you do look back at yourself and laugh about how you had hubby dirve home while you sat in the back and didn't take you eyes off the baby to be sure it was all right whilst abusing you hubby for finding every bump in the road - but these are what memories are made of.

Good luck.

Mother to 2 + 1 soon

havent been throug the other replies but if you can take your own toilet paper!! Hospital toilet paper is like sand paper its horible.

Also coins for the vending machine lol. DH was really hungry after i gave birth (10.30pm) and all we had was notes so he had to wait till he got home to eat. Of course snacks but incase you dont have any take coins lol.

ALl the best

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