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How to introduce baby to toddler? Lock Rss

Just wondering from those of you who have already had a couple of kids, how did your first child cope with the birth of your second.

How did you introduce them and were they ok while you were in hosp etc.

Any advice would be welcomed!

while i havent yet had my 2nd bubby we are doing things to prepare for it. my little girl talks to my tummy all the time as "jnr" is in mummys belly button and she waits for jnr to kick

a few other tings we have been doing is she plays with her dolls alot and baths them and so on and when it comes closer to the birth i plan to get her a baby born doll

the best way, the way my mum introduced me to my sister, is to get them involved as much as possible from playing with dolls to preparing bubs room to helping when bubs is born. if anything i think bubs no 2 will be easier because i will have my lttle gal who is a real little "nurse"

good smile luck and i hope that helps


DD may 03, DS oct 06

My first child was wonderful with his little sister.

To get him ready for her arrival I bought him his own baby, I let him sit in her bassinet (on the ground of course), he helped to put her clothes into her cupboard, we shared books about new additions and introduced the pair of them asap after the birth.

After her arrival I just kept his routine as normal as possible and kept him involved with her care.

Karen, mum to 7 wonderful children, Qld


there is a 7yr gap between my son and 15month old daughter, but i found while i was pregnant with her i would get my son to feel my tummy whenever the bub would kick. he thought it was great and was really excited abt being a big brother.
however i am now expecting #3 (17/9/2006) and think i will have difficulty introducing my daughter to the new bub. she has shown signs of jealousy and cries whenever i hold my friends baby.
i am also very freaked out with how she will handle being away from me when i go into labour and have to be in hospital. i dont want to be away from her for too long but i do want that time in hospital to recover from labour.

Angela, Qld, 8yr, 15mnt, expecting

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