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Labour Clothes (if any)... Lock Rss

Hi all

I know this is a silly question but what are you planning on wearing whilst in labour? I know I have laboured before but I worry about what I should wear and what is normal.

What is everyone else planning on wearing?


I stripped off as soon as i got in the birth suite and was in the nuddy the entire time. I went into labour in the middle of the night so just wore a singlet and trackie pants in the car to the hospital.

This time i'm having a homebirth so clothing won't be an issue.
Good luck

I planned on wearing DH's loose tshirt with knickers, was too embaressed to go naked. However, I am not sure at what point I realised I WAS naked and didn't care! So just something loose, easy to get off, comfortable and that you don't mind getting dirty.

Hi there,
I just wore the hospital gown, so I didn't have to worry about cleaning anything. Was ok with me. However, if you wanted to wear something of your own, I know that there is an organic birthing wrap you can buy by womana. It allows for quick easy access for skin to skin contact once your baby in born. It is easy to move in and be monitored in. Advertised as "Feel feminine at home or in hospital knowing you are fully covered when you want to be". I like the idea, but thought at the end of the day, I would rather use the hospital gown due to the mess involved. I recon you should wear what you feel comfortable in.
when in the bath (from 4cm - 9cm dilated) nothing. After I had to get out of the bath for medical reasons I wore an old t-shirt nightie just to provide some modesty up top. Planning to probably do pretty much the same thing this time too.

I wore a boob tube and skirt for most of my labor. When I hopped into the bath I stripped off, then got dressed in a hospital gown. Both were very comfortable. I'd have preferred the skirt than the gown though. Looser lol.

I wore shorts and a t shirt to the labour ward, then when I was settled into the birth suite the middies helped my undress and I gaeve birth naked and after the birth I put on a a hospital gown as I had to go to theatre as my plactena was stuck and wouldn't come out.

didnt have time for plans, DS was 5wks prem, ended up in hospital gown, think i will do that again though

i wore a soronge both of my labours at least i could open it up so bub can lay on my chest

Having a water birth so will most prob be in the nude! With DS i was just in undies once i got settled into the room. Wasnt till I had to start pushing that they came off.

From memory I think I wore one of DH tshirts and shorts to the hossi

I was naked for both births. I wanted baby to be put straight onto my chest as soon as they were born.

Not a silly question at all.....I had the same one! I put on a nightie once I got to hosp, but as soon as I had to be hooked up to a drip they asked me to put on a hosp gown as it is easier for them to change if needed. I just had this on but it was open down the back. Great once Bubs is born as you can pull it down off your chest to have skin to skin contact with bubs. Doesn't matter too if you get blood on it. I got back into my nightie straight after having a shower so it was great that this was packed at the top of my case to get easy access too!
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