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vaginal birth after caesar anyone? Lock Rss

With my first and only child I had an emergency caesar with no labour! I had pre-eclampsia and after my blood pressure skyrocketted when they were attempting induction, they decided a caesar was required.
I am not pregnant again yet, but when I think about it, I really really want to have a labour and vaginal delivery because I feel very much like I missed out. I was so prepared for labour and really looking forward to it. I even find myself jealous of other mum's who got to go through labour and deliver 'normally'!!
I hate that I had to have a caesar! Before the birth I told my self that I would go in with no plans and as long as the baby was healthy (which he is) then I did a good job. But it was a different story after the event. I felt really uninvolved in the whole thing and had alot of trouble connecting the baby boy that I now had to look after, with the thing that I had grown inside of me for so long. It was like, one minute I was loving my pregnancy and the baby inside me, then the next thing I knew, some nurse was shoving this screaming thing in front of me trying to tell me it was mine. There was no in between process - nothing for me to link my baby with my pregnancy. To top that off he was in Special Care so I didnt spend much tim with him for 3 days.
Darcy is 4.5months now and I love him more than anything. But that took time and I would like to have another child next year, but want to avoid the same experience.
I consider my self a pretty smart chick, but no matter how much I tried to use my common sense through the whole thing, I couldnt control my I dont know if mental preparation could really help me deal with another caesar.

I would like to know if any one else has had a similar experience or has had a vaginal birth after a caesar, because it is something I really want to do but dont know much about my options.
I had a caesar with no labour or anything. It wasn't how I thought the birth would go. not like what you are told at anti natal classes. I felt like someone was going to take him away because I didn't do it how I thought.
Sam is nearly 8 mths now and I have gotten over it. If I have another baby and it is a caesar again ,well so be it, I just want the healthy baby at the end
I had an emergency c/s after 37 hours of labour. I know how you feel about missing out on the proper birth. But I just kept thinking to myself that if I had the birth that I wanted, my baby could have become distressed or something terrible may have happened to him. I don't really get jealous about it anymore anyway. I learnt to tell myself that I would rather have a c/s with a healthy baby and have a scar that disappears after a while rather than tear down there and have loss of bladder control and be sore for weeks. It can be hard to learn to love the baby straight away, but a lot of mothers who give birth naturally can feel the same way too, especially if their baby was in the special care unit like yours was. Besides, labour is a pain in the bum, you weren't missing out on much!! lol


I had an "elective" c/s with DD1 as she was breech and after weighing up all our options we thought this was the safest. So no labour but a positive experience as I had a couple of weeks tp get my head around it. With DD2 there was no question that I was going to try for a vaginal birth. My Ob was very supportive and we nutted out a birth plan that was acceptable to us both. Im happy to report that it was very successful even though DD2 did turn posterior in labour and it was not looking good there for a while. I officially had a 8hour labour although I was having "uncomfortable" pain from14 hrs before that.

Would I do it again, yes in a heart beat. It is what is best for baby and mother imo. The risks associated with repeat c/s far outweigh the risks associated with vbac.

So my advice is do a lot of research, find a good supportive care provider and go for it. It is an amazing experience.

Mumma to DD1 Jan 04 and DD2 Mar 06

I had an elective caesar when I had my twins, and am currently 35 weeks pregnant. I am planning on trying vbac, but if it works out that I can't do it and I need a caesar, then thats fine too, I'm not going to beat myself up about not being able to have a vaginal birth. It's good to keep your options open I think.


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