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Elective C-section and getting tubes tied Lock Rss

Ok so this will be my third and final baby and I am very very eager to have my tubes tied. I was wondering if you think the hospital would do this when the baby is born, if I have to have a elective c-section to get it done, or they can do it some other way after a natural birth, and if they do this to public patients????
Sorry if it doesnt make much sense??

You can get it done either way, if you need a c-section they can do it then but if you go naturally it can be done later, whenever you decide to get it done. Getting them done after is only a day procedure and not as major as a c-section obviously no baby in there!! lol
I am having a elective c-section and getting my tubes done at once as 4 kiddies is enough for me!! I am in the public system and had no dramas when requesting it.
Speak to your ob dr as he'll be the to do it and he'll be able to answer any question you have.

Good luck,


hey girls,

where i am getting my c-section done, i asked the other day and the obs that is doing my surgery said she will definantly tie my tubes. i walked out with a very big sigh of relief and a huge smile on my
i think it depends on the hospital, i am at a big country hospital so was expecting a no.

i know the feeling when it comes to definantly not wanting anymore, as this one was an accident(meant in the nicest possible

all you can do is ask i suppose, i have heard of cases where if you are young they may decline a tubal ligation."><img src="">http://lmtf.lilypie

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