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Scared of having an epidural Lock Rss

Hi all,

our first baby is due in August and I hav some HUGE concerns about an epidural. Does anyonse feel the same?

I have a small curve in my spine, and years ago I had to have a spinal tap (fluid removed from my spinal cord). Due to the curved spine, it took 5 shots until they got the right spot! And they were VERY experienced!

I am SOOOO worried that if I am in need of an epidural, it will get put in the wrong spot and I will bocome paralyzed. Horible thought.....i know.

Does anyone know of anyone that had an epidural go wrong? What happened?

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MY sister in law recently gave birth to her second child and the epidural didn't go worng as such but instead it only worked down one side of her body. Being numb on one side she found it even more uncomfortable than before the injection as she was induced and it can often be more painful than going naturally.

Talk to the midwife's at your hospital. I have found that they are extreamly helpful with those sorts of issues. Even talking to the anthethsis may help ease your concerns.
i was very scared of having an epidural. my fears only went away AFTER it went in (with no probs whatsoever).

i dont think anything can take that fear away unfortunately. the only reason i went through with it was cos my dh held me to a promise i made him. i am so glad he did though.
I have had two epidurals and I'm pretty darn sure I'll be having another in a few weeks time!

The fear of what could go wrong is always there I think, no matter how many you've had or how many stories you've heard... it's a pretty scary idea, putting a needle into your spine!!! Particularly while you're having contractions which you have no control over!

It does freak me out and I am always apprehensive, but luckily I've had two really quite good experiences which has eased my mind a tad.

The worst I've heard happening is it not working properly and my friend had one (or was that a spinal block? not sure sorry) and she ended up getting a leak from it which was causing really bad headaches etc.
She was fine after they figured out what was going on and sorted it out tho.

Like PP said, chat with the hospital staff if you can, read up on it as much as you can too and also look at other forms of pain relief that you would consider before going for an epidural..

Good luck!

Hi there.

I had an epi with my first labour and found that before the labour I was petrified and opted against having one, however once in labour and with back to back contractions from the syntocinon I was begging for one!!! When you are in pain and your mind is on another level (as it does when you are in labour) nothing much matters I find, epidurals, who see's you naked, whether you do a poo whilst pushing! lol All the worries that you have before labour should ease when you are in labour, hopefully!!

I had an epidural, andit was great. I got induced so had the nasty drug to get things kick started. But once the epi was in, I felt more in control of the labour and was actually able to enjoy it, and now cannot wait to do it again. I must say, the worse part was the 1st part when they put the local in to numb it, that felt funny, but once u r numb, u dont feel a thing. The people who administer the epi r well and truely experienced with it, so dont be too scared of it. Good luck for the birth!

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I've had 3 epidurals now and fully recommend it, they are pure bliss!
I only get given enough pain relief through the epidural, to numb the pain and not take away all feeling, that way you can still change position and are not confined to lying on your back, and also you can feel when to push etc....honestly best invention ever!! I think it gives you more control over how your birth goes smile
I have a very long 2nd stage which I don't mind if I'm not screaming in agony for hours!

I had an epi with my DS(First) and it only worked on one side of my body, and but not much. It was crap, but...
With my second i was wheeled into the delivery suite and they checked me (4cm's) i yelled between contractions, I WANNA EPIDURAL!!! So i was vey willing to go back for seconds!!! LOL Turns out by the time they were ready to do it (with in 20 or so minutes) i was pushing (and at 10cm's). So only got the dot on my back and the drip in my arm.
To be honest im glad i didnt have it with my second and will be trying again to not get it this time. But i really needed it with my first and it didnt work... so go with the flow and if you feel you need/want it then go for it. just see how it goes.

I hear you !!!!
I am due in May and was set on having one until I watched a video about scared me.
I am going to see what other drugs I can get at the hospital smile

my name is michelle, i have had 2 c-sections and have had 2 failed attempts at the epidural.this time i am just going straight for the general anaesthetic.

from what i have read on the c-section part of the forum, we are rear. everyone seems to have had a dream c-section and epidural. i think it all comes down to the anaesthetist. the first c-section i had was a horrible experience mostly with the epidural. they tried nine times and failed.but the man that did it was hopeless. i think by telling them your conserns and anything u possibly can about your medical history before you go in. is the best thing to do.

with my second c-section i spoke to the anaethetist before i went in and told him about the problems i had with my daughter. he sat with me for 30 mins talking it over with me, i was really scared about having repeat problem. and he was great.even though i still ended up having to have a local anaethetic. half an hour of attempting the epidural. but the difference was this man explained everything he was doing the whole time. and asked me after a few attempts wether i was still happy to keep going.

my advice to you is make sure you have a fully trained and experienced aneathatist. make sure they you make it known if you can feel pain when they are putting the needle in. And always know that it is your body if you don't want them to try any more you can always say no more.
in all my ten years as a carer i have only known of one case where a patient has become paralized by a epidural. but that was a very rare case.

i hope i have helped rather than scared you more. and sorry about the spelling."><img src="">http://lmtf.lilypie

Posted by: Alexd2010
our first baby is due in August and I hav some HUGE concerns about an epidural.
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You should have concerns... there are very real risks associated with epidurals. Here is a great article
about epidurals, it is factual, evidence based and an easy read.
I had a bad experience. The epidural worked in the end, but it did take 2 attempts to get it in. I apparetnly have a curved spine.... it was news to me but this is what the anaesthetist told me after.

I had been in labour for 24hrs with very long contractions every 2-3 mins. i curved my back as directed and had my husband and the midwife supporting me while I contracted. the anaesthetist put the numbing agent in the tried to put the epidural in and I had searing pain like someone had stabbed me in the back and i jumped. at this point the anaesthetist told me he had just hit my spinal coloum with the needle and that he didnt realise my back was curved. I then had to do a near mission impossible move with the nurse and my husband supporting me as I dangled over the bed so the anaesthetist could get a better angle on my spine. the second time he got it in correctly, It is not something I am looking at doing again.

My advise to you would be to get the anaesthetist to check your spine before starting, inform them of the problems you have had and ask them how you can get into the best position.

fingers crossed all goes well for you!

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