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Anterior placenta? Anyone have this? Was baby posterior? Lock Rss

Hi ladies,

I had an ultrasound on Friday and was told that my placenta is anterior (attached to the front wall of uterus) This is a first for me, as with my other 4 pregnancies, the placenta was posterior (on back wall-which is classified normal) I have been doing a little research online and have found that as baby generally faces placenta, many women with anterior placenta deliver posterior or even breech, have heard that posterior is backache labour and prolonged with more need for pain relief. I just wanted to know if any other ladies have or have had an anterior placenta and how your labour went etc. Getting a little worried!

hi with my 1st i had a posterior placenta and with my 2nd had a anterior placenta with my 2nd and both babies were posterior and neither of them turned, however i didnt have any back pain or drugs with either of them and my labours were only 7hrs and 5hrs long from the 1st pain. with my 1st one my midwife made me panic and i tried sitting and kneeling for weeks to move the baby which didnt work so the 2nd time i didnt worry too much. only thing i noticed with anterior placenta is you dont feel as many movements and its a lil trickier for midwife to find the heartbeat when babys still small.


Hi ya,

I havent gone into labour yet, am 39 wks, but do have an anterior placenta. My baby is in the perfect position and the midwife hasnt ever mentioned that i could have a posterior birth. She just seems to think its all more to do with positioning, ie the way you lye in bed, sit on the couch etc.

Hope this helps.
Thanks ladies! I have just been reading that babies generally face the placenta and that some say there is a higher risk of posterior baby with anterior placenta. Hopefully everything will be ok!

My placenta is anterior too. I think she was facing the placenta earlier on but at my last scan (last week) she was backbone out, though I think she often lies with her backbone running down my side.

I'm just trying to sit forward more with pillows propped behind my back and that seems fine. My midwife isn't worried so neither am I!

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