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Ideas to assist in labour from people who have been there.. Lock Rss

Hey Everyone!

I am due in about 5 weeks... just wondering if anyone has any ideas of some things I can take to hospital with me that may assist in labour. Im not in to anything really funky, but maybe things like a hot water bottle? Did that work for anyone? Of if there are any nice smelly things out there that may work...

I welcome ANY suggestions for an anxious first timer

Amanda smile

I just thought i'd mention because of your comment about the hot water bottle. During labour i'd have to say that the most helpful thing was a heat pack on my lower belly and on my lower back it was great took away so much pain. I say definately give it a go.


I would take minties or something to chew on while you are in labour. It sounds silly, but I found it helped take my mind off the early contractions. Also take something into hospital to do. This will sound silly, but if you are induced or arrive at hospital fairly early in your labour, it can be very boring!! Take a magazine with puzzles or a book to read.

there is nothing luxurious about labour! sorry hun! lol But it can be quite a memorable experience! lol
Ok, I had a heat Pack...It was comforting when those contractions came along! And I also had to support people! My darling fiance and my wonderful mum! Without them would of been too hard!
If they offer you to take a bath DO IT! I wish I had! But when they say get out try to! cause i heard u tear quite badly in the bath and that is something u could do without!
To make it easier do ur down below exercises and u shouldnt have a worry! Be sure to let us all know how u go! Good on you! and Goodluck!

2 more sleeps


I agree with the heat pack or wheat bag. They are better than a hot water bottle as they are more flexible. I suggest two so that when one cools there is another one ready. I also agree to take something to do especially if you are induced. I was started at 7am and didn't get contractions till about 4 pm. My husband and I played scrabble and did crosswords etc. and I had my husband and mum to talk to and get me things i wanted.

Some people find rescue remedy helpful if you are getting tense as it can help calm you. I also sat on an exercise ball which I could rock on when the contractions started which I found helpful too. Also I was able to sit in a birthing pool for part of my labour as the contractions became stronger which was lovely. I didn't stay there for the birth but it was nice and relaxing. I hope whereever you give birth you are able to do this.

Good Luck, remember the birth is just one day but you have a precious little person afterwards for life.

Look forward to hearing your good news


Leanne, NZ, Ella age 2 & Sam age 6months

on our way to the hospital the one bag we forgot contained my hot water bottle,camera,video camera etc!!! lol
when i got there i asked for a hot water bottle and they said they didnt use them?!?!?!
but they had a spa which was better
i think a deck of cards would do you good in the early stages of labour
i was already 6cm dialated when we got there so i didnt have time to relax
i only ended up with gas
it was so fantasic
its funny i thought i'd want all kinds of drugs but i must say i was very proud of myself indeed

Lillie....1 year old!!!

I took face washers and my husband wiped my face, neck etc with a cool wash cloth (you can get very hot)
I didnt use a hot water botte or anything, but I think it is very good for back pain if u get it

I took plenty of snacks/drinks (that is for your partner not you!) just because you don't want them to leave the room and if they have snacks they won't have to go anywhere.

Good luck. I was anxious like you. You will get through it and it will all be worth it.

Jo, SA, Dylan born Dec 05

Hi Amanda,

I have had two previous vaginal births, so here are some ideas to help you manage your labour and birth. Heat packs are a great idea (safer than a hot water bottle), just heat them in the microwave for instant heat that lasts for up too two hours. Positioning can be great to. I found that being in the shower standing with water on my back and front helped heaps, and leaning on all fours rocking my pelvis. Aromotherapy can be good but can also make you nauseas (personal preference). People always say soothing music, well if rock and roll makes you relax and happy then go with what ever music makes you relax. Can I offer some advice for the birth, squatting is very beneficial as gravity assists you and it creates less stress on your perineum, you may wish to ask for some warm to hot face washers to be placed on you perineum as the babies head crowns to help you through the foreign sensations.
I hope I have been useful to you.
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