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worried Lock Rss

ok i was due yesterday and has my midwife visit in had to pee on the stick as normal but the midwife said that it had bacteria and blood in it to its been sent of to the lab and i wont find out the results till friday. im so worried she said blood indicates babys disstressed and bacteria is a sign of a infection. so now im sitting at home with partner still away with work. has anyone had this happen to them. help

first baby

Sorry I cant say I have had this happen to me!
But my when my mother was in 'labour' with my sis there was blood/ or something and it was the baby in distress.
Im no expert NOR i want to frighten u! U could be looking at a C-sect?? OR NOT! they may induce u. Or the midwife could be wrong. But they shouldnt stuff around with it!
Stay calm for your babies sake.
If u want to talk to keep your mind off (Like I doubt u could) my e-mail is [email protected]

2 more sleeps

that sounds horrible! i cant say this has happened to me, you must be so worried and stressed.

I know this sounds dumb but try not to stress if you can. I remember when i was 10wks pregnant and was bleeding and went to the hospital in hysterics because i thought i was losing my baby. its so scary when you dont know what is going to happen. Is there anyone you can call to have come be with you?

I really hope things are ok for you babe!

Take care ok, good luck

Bec xo
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