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Anyone's kids with Model agencies??? Lock Rss

Does anyone have their kdis with a model agency? Whats ur experience been like?
I joined up my daughter to an agency called ALL STARS. I sent in the phtos and they called a few days later eager to see her. We went for an interview which she was succsessful, so now shes on their books. It cost approx $300 in total. I think I should have done more research before joining, because i now know there are some other popular agencies, whos fee's are below $100!! But some are also over $300.
Also, some agencies have different clients than others. For eg MUNCHKINS (a model agency) has clients like Target, Kmart, Bonds, Myer. But ALL STARS doesn. They have a few children clients but not very many. I think they specialise mainly in Adult modelling. I kinda feel ripped off, coz they dont really get much work for babies. Do you think i have a right to ask for my money back?
I really want to join her up with another "CHEAPER" and reputable company.
Any advice on this?
Proud mummy,
hello my name is niccii.
When my (now 9 yr old daughter ) was above 6 months old i took her to a modelling agency and paid some money dont remember how much they were but i was told how her hair being tetian was unreal that they were looking for kids that had her hair colour and that she should get heaps of work.but she only stayed on their books for 1 year and they dealt with bambini ,pumpkin patch etc .i waited for the year and she never got one call.So since then i have never entered her in a modelling agency yet i have had so many comments saying how i should cause she is a stunning young lady.

5 kids now

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