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Who was in the delivery room with you ?? Lock Rss

Just wondering who was in the room with you while you were giving birth ??

I want my partner to be in there of course, and my mother insists she be in there too.

I don't think I have a problem with her being there but at the same time I think it's a special time that i want to be shared between my partner and myself.

Maybe the extra support will be good. I don't know if I'm just being selfish and/or silly.

I just had DP with DD and doing the same this time as well. Your not being selfish and it is very special just you and partner.
Only DH and the midwives.
DH and I made the baby, not anyone else, so why should anyone else be there for the birth of that baby?
That's what I think anyway.
Plus I'd prefer to get it over and done with without much of an audience! lol It's not exactly the most pleasant experience, so the less people around to annoy me, the better!

If you really don't want your mum in there, let her know, This is your experience, not hers - she's been there and done that. Anything that happens with your pregnancy and your birth is up to you - don't let anyone pressure you into doing something you don't want to do.

I had DF and 1 midwife and that was it.. mum and dad were in the waiting room at the hospital but NOT in the room with me...

This time i will be doing the same DF and the midwife with me, DD will be staying with the grandparents and bought down to the hospital once baby is here!

Its not exactly the most glorious thing to go through and the least ppl to see u in that state the better imo!! lol..

but u have whoever u want there.. everyone is different!
I had DH and one midwife (the other midwife was called to assist in another room due to an emergency situation).

My mum said there was no way she'd want to be in the room even if I'd wanted her (in fact she often joked about not being in the country when I went into labour because of my low pain threshold lol) and it never really came up as a topic of conversation with my mil.

My parents did come and see us as we were walking to the ward after the delivery but that was because they were up our way to take my grandfather out for a birthday lunch (his birthday was 3 days later) so brought him along to see his first great-grandchild before going out to lunch.

To start with I had my midwife and husband in the room.
I had mum waiting by the phone as I said I would call her if I needed her or i'ld let her know when he had arived.
I got my husband to call my mum once things were getting to hard to handle (I was being induced).
I had an epidural so an athethatist was in the room then and an ob.
Then when bubs was going through the birth canal his heart rate started to drop so they desided it would be safest to do a vontruce at this point the ob came back in and anouther midwife (could have even been 2 not sure).
Then when bubs was born a pediatriction was there waiting to check his heart as he'ld had an irregular heart beat in the 3rd trimester.
Then mum partner and hubby perants came in 30 mins after he was born and my midwife signed off her shift and anouther took over.
So all up throughout my labour/birth I had between 6 and 8 people present.
In all honesty you don't care whos in there once everything gets going you just want as much help as you can get to get that baby out.
I do think having a female you feel really open with or close to does help and there are always cases where partners faint or it gets to much for them (my hubby almost fainted when bubs was crowning but the look on his face was soo funny and after the birth I couldn't help but laugh about it).
I had DF, My nan (she is also my guardian), the midwife and the nurse. It was nice having the people i am closest to in the room with me, they were very supportive and made me feel like i wasnt alone. With this current baby, i'd like both to be in the room again.

#1, DH and a midwife
#2, DH, 3 midwives and 1 Dr
#3, 3 midwives, 2 dr's (DH didn't make the birth)
#4, DH, and a midwife
#5, 3 midwives (labour was too quick to even ring DH to tell him I was in labour)
The plan was midwife,the backup midwife (planned home birth), DP and DS1. In the end it was DP and the midwife. LOL The back up midwife (for baby) missed the birth by nearly 15 minutes.

Because we were at home DS1 decided he didn't want to be there so was at the other end of the house. If you know they will be supportive and you are comfortable with having her there then do. Just make her aware way ahead of time that you may decide on the day that you don't actually want her in the room or that you would expect her to respect any requests by you for her to leave the room. Though if she is insisting,without taking into account how YOU might feel about it, might be best just to tell her that you only want DP there.

I had 6 doctors 2 anethetitsts and 2 nurses i know of. that was for my sons birth he was born at 24 weeks. Do what you want its your new life with your new family. Iv learnt that lifes to short but i think your mum should stand back and let you and your partner do this together as it will bond you together even more. Its something i never shared with my partner as i didnt get the chance . Your mum can see the bub right after birth.I think all the help you will want and need wiil be from your partner

DD1 I had DP, 2 obs, 1 paedeatrician, 4 mws and 2 nurses (DD1 was in distress, stuck, forceps used, not the smoothest of deliveries).

DD2 I had DP and 3 mw for the birth, then 2 obs afterwards due to tearing and stitching required.

I wouldn't feel comfortable with my mum in there. I didn't tell anyone I was in labour with DD1, with DD2 I was chatting to people at the time so they knew lol.
Dd1, dh, my mum, my sister, bil was there early on but went home. And 2 midwifes, the ob came in to help, but I was already holding her, and he got picked on about that. (i'm a quiet birther.

dd2, 2 midwifes, dd1 and dh ended up in the waiting room.
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