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Help.. Lock Rss

I am currently 35 weeks pregnant and last night had a nice hot bath. I had a rough night sleep after it and this morning woken up feeling like i want to vomit. I cant get rid of this feeling and the thought of eating anything is making my stomach turn. I have eaten some fruit as not eating is making me go light headed and dizzy.

I have been getting tightening feelings across my lower abdomen (these started yesterday afternoon) and are fairly consistent. These feelings are soon followed by either bubs kicking me up high or sharp cramps in various places.

Has anyone else had anything similar to this happen to them as im having a lot of discomfort with it and its making it difficult for me at work.

Any comments appreciated

The tightenings you are having if acompanied by pain could be just braxton hicks or the onset of labour, I would be calling your doc and just letting them know especially at this stage in your pregnancy.

Also probably wise to avoid to hot a bath as they say you shouldnt go in spas so the same sort of heat could be a prob, make sure you also keep up the water.

Sydney,twin boys 22/10/04+girl 26/03/02

hi leah

ive been feeling like that a lot lately as well, im 34 weeks pregnant, maybe its a sympton that happens leading up to the birth?

wow thats so great ur still working! good on you smile

Bec xo
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