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Werribee Mercy - Anybody due in Nov and going?? Lock Rss

I a 12 weeks pregnant and booked into the Werribee Mercy, just wondering if anybody else is going there....... thanks xoxox

DS 21-04-04 & Due 16-11-06

My name is laura and I have had 2 babies at werribee mercy, although I have since moved to the country and will be having my baby at maryborough hospital. But i must say that the midwives at werribee on the whole are really great. I had one bad experience with a midwife there with my first baby and wish that I had had the nerve to tell her to get out but she is no longer there.
They are really strict on visiting hours for anyone but the father, so if you tell anyone that they can visit check with the midwives first cause they will send anyone not visiting during the visiting hours to go home and come back during the set times.
They will however let family visit straight away after the baby is born.
If you want me to tell you more let me know
Good luck
I'm due in July and going to Werribee Mercy as i'm just up the street in Hoppers.

So far I've met a few of the midwives and have for the last few weeks being going to the antinatal classes which is run by the male midwife Grant who is FANTASTIC!!

All my experiences there so far have been so supportive and down to earth. I hope your experiences there are as good as mine.

Good luck with Bubs smile
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