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I was flicking through a pregnancy and birth mag last night while watching the footy and i came across a section on labour.. It was talking about how to recognise it and what to expect etc etc.. Anyway the little bubble on bottom of the page had the following statement

"Most women say they (contractions) are like a heavy period pain, others feel a dragging underneath or experience backache. Yet others say its like having an upset stomach, so it varies!"

So, for those that actually went into labour, how do you describe it?

mine were like period pains, the most mother F'ing period pains ever, but the same place and feeling

at the start mine were like mild period pains. after an hour they were like intense period pains in the front and in my back. after that i don't remember much aside from that it bloody hurt like hell. bring on the epidural!!!

Mine all started out pretty much the same.....mild period-like cramping and a lower back ache, more like a really heavy period feeling.

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I would have said like period pains too. They don't feel exactly the same (I mean apart from one being a hell of a lot more painful!) but that's the closest thing to it I could think of.

With DD2 I was having pains in my back but that's where the abruption was so they were tainted lol.

I find it amazing that everyone describes it differently! Even my 3 felt different to each other.

DD1 started out like bad period pain that got worse with time and a terribly sore back - she was posterior.

DS I mistook labout for BH because most of his labout just felt like strong BH without much pain, just a really tight tummy.

DD2 I was induced and again felt like BH with a very sore back ache.

Blo0dy painful, lol. No mine were really bad period pain like pains, but sharp also. My second labour was more painful than my first
Mine were like period pains too but alot more painful, right across my tummy and my lower back. Ughhhh!! So sore! Don't want to do that again in a hurry lol.

All mine were very different
First one was back pain
Second one was almost like muscle spasms
Third was similar period pain but deeper IYKWIM
and the fourth was kinda a mix of muscle spasm and period pain

Cheers Ness

Mine were all in my back with Ryder, i never felt a tummy contraction the whole way through. I couldn't lay on my back though as it hurt way too much, i really really want to feel those tummy contractions.....!!!!

Thanks for all the replies, it is interesting to see everyones perspective on it!! keep them coming!

mine started as mild period pains, front and back, then went to bad, sharp pains like you get when you have an upset stomach such as diaorrea (sorry tmi), but down low under my bump, not all over and they were front and back. i also had mild aches down the front of my thighs

Mine felt completely different to each other so I can't even describe them the same.
DD1 - sharp back pains with a tummy ache
DD2 - intense period pain that comes in waves
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