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Modesty During and After giving Birth - May Contain Adult Themes! Lock Rss

I too had an tear and an episiotomy..I had my legs in stirrups for about 10-15 mins while they stitched me up, at the time I really didn't care a less, but now I really cringe thinking about it. I can't remember having my stitches checked so it mustn't have been too bad. No pooing or weeing for me thankgoodness though lol

did you eat n drink in labour? i dont want to poo or wee lol
yeah i have to say that having ZERO control over your bodily functions is not fun. Also having DH say, "god, whats that smell?" made me wish i had had a water birth! Then after the birth, me laying there spread eagled with my legs in stirrups this GORGEOUS man walks in as has a good look. It would have been nice is he said he was the doc there to stitch me up BEFORE he started poking around! Oh and then after that he sticks 3 HUGE pills up my anus! Never doing it again!
After having my little man I say leave your dignity at the door on your way in and pick it up
After your 6 week check up!
I ended up with a vacuum extraction and that resulted in me having a second degree tear, my placenta was
Also stuck and I was bleeding heavily, so while i was getting stitched up there was 17 ppl in the room looking at my bits!
I would have to say the worst part would be the stitches check at home, in hospital I was so use to everyone one poking and prodding and looking at me! Also learning to breast feed was another story, don't expect your boobs to be the same again, I don't think so many ppl have ever touched them before!
Oh and I also wee'd when i was pushing cos I hadn't been to the toilet the whole time I was in labour, I don't know if I poo'd tho, noone said anything to me to me.
And the 6 week check up, let's just say the doc checked EVERYTHING!
as a first time mum to be (in about 18 weeks) i must say i found this post very insightful, funny and just a little scary!

it's good to know what i might be in for and what DH will be in for, though he did say if i took my panties off in the elevator he was out of there!

i'm still mildly scared about the whole labour/birth/after birth stuff but at least knowing some of the things that can happen can hopefully make things less stressful at the time. so thank you to everyone that posted info about their birth experiences.

i like the advice about imagining yourself opening up like a lotus flower!

i'm sure i will have my own embarrassing story to add in august!

SOOOO much to look forward to unsure unsure

Geez the baby better be worth it wink

Haha i fully agree. After all the hospital visits i have been to and all the sleepless nights, stress and everything else she better be a good baby when she born lol.
I had a great first birth (sarcasim).
I had an epidural, cathiter included, that caused my bp to drop dramaticlly. The nice Dr did it so that I could still feel/move my legs. Unfortunatly this means it only went down to my hips. This is all good untill it comes to the pushing. I couldn't feel a thing of the contractions but could definatlly feel the urge to push, but it never went away.
Dr was called and was going to adjust the epidural but found baby's heartbeat showed distress (not that I was told this), he decided to do a vacume extraction. There I am, legs in stirups with 2 midwives, the Dr, 2 student Dr's 2 baby drs and anethitist.
Baby was taken way pretty much straight away with breathing problems (spent 2 hours in NICU).
I'm there on the bed, legs still in the air with dr and 2 students stiching me up (2nd degree tears). Worst part was, even though I had the epidural I had to have local before they stiched, and because of the epidural it was patchy so I could feel about 1/2 of the stiches go in. Was then left on the bed hooked up to a drip (hemorage and my BP and pulse were all over the show), baby and husband were in NICU, talking to one of the student Drs that had just stiched me up (at the time didn't occur to me that it was a bit weird to be doing this).
Luckily I didn't have my stiches checked, was constantly asked if I was going to the toilet well (you get what I mean) and if they felt ok but noone actully looked at them (thank god).
I will say though, you get used to having you're boobs handled by anyone and everyone and not caring who's around when you get them out. I spent 2 days in hospital telling the MW's that he wasn't drinking properly (it hurt like hell) only to be told that it was fine and the pain would go away. I then went to a maternity hospital in my home town and spent 6 days there, trying to get him to feed because as I had been trying to tell the hospital MW's he wasn't feeding properly.
Ugh. Don't get me started about midwives in hospital "helping" with breastfeeding!!
DD had mild shoulder dystocia, so after all the pulling, pushing to get her out, i had a 2nd degree tear + my placenta had to be coaxed out by my MW and i had to wait for my OBGYN to come in and stitch me up, the stitching up was worse than the whole birth IMO! But the pain relief suppository was fantastic! And the stitch checks oh that was fun! Because of the shoulder dystocia, i had SEVERE bruising - i was black and blue from one end to another for a week! Even my MW was shocked at the degree of it!

I remember sitting on the bed after DD was born with DH and feeling this almighty rush of liquid between my legs, i told DH if he was leaving to leave now because i think theres blood everywhere! Poor MW had to come in and strip the bed again (they had just made it after the birth) I felt so embarrassed!

The most terrifying thing i found was the grapefruit size clot in my pants 2 days after delivery, no one had warned me!
And im thinking about going back for #2 - i might re-read all these stories first : )
This is such a good thread very funny lol. Im glad that I found it after giving birth. Although I went to ante natal classes nothing can really prepare you for what’s going to happen during birth. I’m a private person and cringe at the thought of having a paps smear so I got a shock of my life when I had to have internals done during labour (very uncomfortable) I spose its doesn’t help with the fact that I knew some of the nurses as I used to work as admin assist at the same hospital. (I had know idea:unsure:) Like others I did the whole poo and wee thing during labour (nobody tells you about catheters at ante natal lol). I had my dh help me use the shower over my lower back during contractions to help with pain and passed out in the shower and then had everyone race to me including a wardsman (who I also knew hopefully he didn’t remember me) so I would of been semi naked or fully naked. I laugh about it now. As ds1 was a bit stuck they used the vacuum thing which flung out back into the doctors face (some funny things did happen). I also had to have quite alot of stiches done and have my legs up in stirrups I lost count on the number of people that walked in as this was getting done and at the end I didn’t really care as I had my baby in my arms. Oh I forgot to tell you about the huge spew I did about 20mins after giving birth and the sponge bath. Couldn’t been that bad as I went back and had another baby about 2 years later. They really should leave a sign outside the maternity ward “Leave your modesty here you can pick it up at a later date”.
Oh wow some of these stories are hilarious! Sorry but it is always funny when its not you its happening to isn't it? i had a pretty good labour for my first so im hoping that this one is as easy. one thing i do remember is how embarrassed i was when the midwife told me to take my pants off and i said 'are you kidding me? what do i need to do that for?' she said 'thats the only way you're gonna get the baby out dear' lol the only time i was naked during labour was when i got into the bath and even then i had a towel wrapped around my top half in the water. i was so scared of people seeing my naked body! And when i was halfway through pushing, a midwife came in and was halfway through asking me if she could bring some students in to watch and i cut her off saying ' no, no, no, i know what ur gonna ask and the only people allowed to look at my vagina are the poeple already in this room!' i then looked at the midwife assisting the birth and said what are you looking at? she just laughed
When the Dr broke my waters i was like "OMG i've just wet myself BIG time and now i need my husband to get me in the shower". We were both laughing as i had a towel in between my legs to the ensuite and dripping the whole way to the shower, then getting husband to undress me was interesting cos i'm standing there in pain and all i want is a hot shower and he's taking his time, the laughing ended up turning into frustration for me.

During the pushing stage i did poo myself and remember looking at my husband thinking OMG he just witnessed me crap myself. LOL. I ended up giggling and even said to him "well now you've seen everything" LOL.

First time parents we are and have to say he did a pretty good job helping me during the delivery and seeing everything plus me at my worst smile
But i'd do it all over again because in the end you get a great outcome, we have a beautiful daughter

awesome thread !! im 38 weeks with my first and gotten me a bit lighter reading all of your posts !!
quick question and its going to sound stupid but with the ever growing belly and not being able to see my feet or anything below my belly was wondering about what people do about hair !! lol . im struggling to keep neat and tidy down there looking more like a forrest then anything and to embarresed to go have a wax cause im feeling so huge lol . wondering what some people do to have it presentable before the impending labor ???
thanks alot!

Hi, dont stress about the hair, or if you want get a friend/ hubby mum to shave it or go get a wax, But be warned a wax kills!
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