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Modesty During and After giving Birth - May Contain Adult Themes! Lock Rss

Thanks ladies for scaring the bloody hell out of me!!! Im already "*** myself", Lol!!! Not sure whether I feel better that I know what can be expected or if I would prefer not to know cos now I'm worried I'll be worrying about it when the time comes. Lol!!

Why is it that everyone tells about the wonderful parts of pregnancy/giving birth and not the real life yukky stories before we get pregnant... Lol!! -- I wouldn't change it for the world though, even if I do poo when I push him out!
Oh the joys of labour. lol.

Here are the worst bits from DD's birth.
1. Midwife #1 was shocking and disappeared for what seemed like hours and the labour ward wasn't full. DH said she was gone for almost 1 1/2 hours before he had to find her and get me checked out.
2. Being milked because DD was a lazy feeder and would attach but only suck once and give up.
3. Being in pre labour for 32 hours, then got the jungle juice (induced)and then labour for 10 hours.
4. Pooing but i knew i would probably do that. DH didn't seem impressed though.

The funny parts
1. Waters broke on the toilet. Couldn't tell at first if my bladder had given up or if my water broke.
2. Wasn't sucking on the gas properly and my best friend (birthing partner no.2)could hear me down the hallway and followed the screamed to my room.
3. Once the gas was working, i freaked out and couldn't have the radio on because one song sounded ike it was repeating the chorous over and over again.
4. Still spaced out from the gas, the Dr who came in to give me an epidural looked familiar and i spent 5 mins asking him questions about where i knew him from....poor bloke had never seen me before in his life.
there - corrected it for you wink

Omg how embarrassing!! Worst possible sentence to make that mistake!!! Ahhhhhhh

lol smile we all knew what you meant
Wow this thread is a fantastic idea,
I thought I had already read up on all the horrible things that might happen, boy was I wrong!
I however am a pretty open person and lots of the stuff people seem so embarrassed about I dont think I will even care, especially in labour!
Eeeeeek hope it starts soon.
My two cents...

I remember reading this post while I was pregnant and it scared the daylights out of me. I am a person who highly values my dignity so reading through the posts about nudity and tears and blood lost and pooping really unsettled me. In saying that by the time hubby and I got to the delievery ward I was past the point of caring. And as the labour progressed my care factor just got smaller and smaller.

The worse thing for me, in terms of modesty, would have been the stitches. The labour was over and I was quickly starting to regain my care factor. But they let me have the gas while they were stitching me up (amazing stuff, it stopped me from panicing and moving around) and I had a beautiful distraction resting on my chest.

Labour is not pretty. It is messy. Midwives will need to stick fingers in places, bodily fluids will erupt from you and when it comes to pushing you won't want to keep your legs closed. You will have very little control over your own body (another thought that scared me) but, like I said, you amazingly won't care!

Funny how easy it is to say stuff like that now when a few weeks ago simply reading about it made me panic!!

Oh and the gas is lovely! I highly recommend the gas!!
This is a fantastic thread, I am pregnant with number 2 but it been nine years since i had my first. My labor/birth was horribly degrading and who ever said child birth is beautiful and magical clearly was not in the room with me. For this reason i am trying to forget about the first and preparing myself as it was my first and reading these stories are cracking me up and helping me (sorry not in a bad way) but its good to know that everyone had there stories and the mw deal with all the disgusting things on a daily basis so really there not that much to be embarrassed about
I had my head in the clouds before i read this, thank you SOOO much for all the stories,i feel absolutely TERRIFIED, but alot more informed than i did after my antenatal classes,6weeks to go and i wish i'd found this sooner! Bit scared about the gushing blood though
Completely agree with KittyMamma. I read this fairly early in pregnancy and freaked out! But the further into labour you get, the less you care.

Thinking back, I should have felt some sort of embarrasment when I was pushing for almost 2 hours with 8 people staring at my vagina! But at the time, I really could not have cared less! Then being put in the stirrups to be stitched up, felt alot worse but there werent nearly as many people in the room by then!

While in labour I vomitted and as my stomach sqeezed each time I had a massive gush of amniotic fluid...which got all over my mums feet! oops!

Stitch checks werent all that bad, I guess by that stage I felt like everyone had seen it, plus it just hurt so I wanted to know everything was ok!

Bladder control! The first day after labour everything down there just kind of ached, and I couldnt really tell if I needed to pee. It had been ages so i went to the toilet just incase, before I could sit down I peed everywhere! Lucky those hospital bathrooms had hose type showerheads and could just hose down the whole bathroom! (Had complete control back within a few days)

I was induced at 43 weeks, i had a simple labor ( due to an amazing midwife ) i did receive stitches, by the time i had them the pain relief had worn off and i didst receive anymore so through gritted teeth they were finished, i accepted that the poohing and walk to the shower after were all part of the program and the midwife would have seen it all before so wasn't to bothered(We actually joked about it during one anti natal visit).

However i ended up with mastitis at 4 & 8 weeks and had two sent's of surgery to be drained i found this to be the most embarrassing of the lot having to expose everything for surgeon's ( during one surgeon's round i over heard him telling 6 students that i was an interesting case and they would all enjoy looking at me, i told him that i wasn't selling tickets and only allowed him to take a look) , doctors and for dressing changes i also needed to have ultrasounds on my breast's every other day to monitor other abceses that i might have. I still say i would rather go through the birth all over again rather than the mastitis.
I had two things happens that caused me to loose my dignity. First one was from a second degree tear, my OB is down there stitching me up and say "so I have this bit and I'm not sure where it belongs, so I'm going to just chop it off".... WTF you should have seen our faces.

The second was getting my uterus hand massaged - yep my OB put her whole arm inside me! Dignity gone!

I had a full episiotomy WITHOUT anaesthetic - excruciatingly painful! Everything else was bliss compared to this.. as I had a drug free birth I hadn't elected an epidural so now I tell all my friends to have the epidural so if this happens to them they won't feel it...
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