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Modesty During and After giving Birth - May Contain Adult Themes! Lock Rss

Thankyou for starting this thread, I am 6 months pregnant with my first and I am surprised that after reading this thread that I am not scared. I have pretty much accepted that there is no dignity lol. It was so good to read all the other stories so that I can be more prepared I even told DH a few so that he knows some of the things that we may go through.

Everyone is so right though, you dont normally get told about this stuff so it comes as a shock but now I know a little more!!! I would not say that I am prepared but I am a little more informed lmao

Thankyou to everyone who has shared their stories

i didnt make it to the maternity ward and dropped my pants and baby in the entrance of the hospital. dignity - whats that??? honestly you dont think of anything like that when the time comes. i am usually the most modest person but when i needed to push i stripped and pushed!!
Best thread!!! I'm 6 1/2 days off being induced (next Tuesday morning so yes 1/2 day and counting!!!) and my 1st child is nearly 7... So all these memories are flooding back about birth stories from friends and family... Advice I got from everyone about what happened.. Lol I've heard some doozies!!

This is just what I needed tonight tho! Feel fat and uncomfortable and crappy!! Now giggling like an idiot in the tub!!

I had a tear with DS, but I'd had an epidural and even tho it was turned off and I felt every cm of my sons far head coming out, I don't remember feeling the stitches being done!! But I remember that first wee.... Ouchhhhhh!!!! Already have plans for home for that! Brought extra pads to wet and freeze when I come home (DP is going to piss himself laughing when he sees them!! First time dad)!

Oh and that first poo... God I dreaded that!!! Lol contemplating taking my sennesoft with me so when I do need to go, it's not as bad!!!

Lol lucky these kids are so freakin cute when they come out to make us go back time and time again!! Thanks for the laughs ladies. Going to put a reminder in my phone to read this next Monday night before I go into hospital, lol it'll make me giggle and relax me!

Liz, 28, DF, 29. Henry- 18/10/2006, Faith 5/6/2013, Peanut being induced 21/10/2014.

Hi everyone smile Im expecting my first in January and like someone else said this sooo needs to be published in a book!! What a fantastic book it would be for expectant mums and dads, because from what I gather my partner could be in for some unexpected and sometimes gross suprises during my labour. Stuff censorship and all that, just publish it exactly as its been told here. I would buy it!

I cant wait to have our little one laying on my chest after he/she is born but Im under no illusion of the things that can happen during labour and birth, but posting about these things was brilliant, it just helps us soon to be mums know whats in store, so thank you all for the laughs and of course the cringes wacko

Note to self: do not allow a bunch of med students observe me being stitched up - hell to the NO!

Roll on due date haha smile

Ok I had to be induced at 42 weeks and after a fairly traumatic labor DD had to be delivered by C-section. My mum came in because DH has a weak stomach. After Dd was born my mum took her out to meet DH and the family. I went to recovery butt naked with a blanket and to top everything off when I was moved back onto the ward I was naked with a catheter and a sheet, no baby, no DH who happened to have my hospital bag. So when they finally came in nearly an hour later, and I finally got to see my daughter, in comes my whole family as well as DH's family along with his three younger brothers who were between 16 and 5 years old. Then the mw's wanted me to breastfeed topless, infront of my young brother-in-laws. I cracked it by that point because I wanted to maintain some dignity and kicked everyone out but DH until I could put a top on.

TMI someone else may have mentioned this one before - Most horrifically embarrassing thing about my labour - having the midwife chase tiny poos around the birthing pool with a scoop!
Oh my gosh I wish I had found this before I gave birth!

When I was ready to push, my midwife went down there too have a look and pointed out very loudly to the obstetrician that I had 'very clear anal puckering and was definitely ready to push'. My partner thought that was the funniest thing he'd ever heard and now puckering is his favourite word.

I ended up delivering on theatre since my small human wasn't too keen on leaving his warm comfy spot and so they ended up using the salad tongs to get him out! I had my legs strapped into these moon boot type things up in the air with a very nice looking trainee surgeon looking straight down the tunnel with this horrified look on his face as I was getting stitched up.

I also ended up with 3 massive hemmys that hurt more than the stitches in my vag.

And they say pregnancy and birth is a wonderful and beautiful experience!
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