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Modesty During and After giving Birth - May Contain Adult Themes! Lock Rss

Still LMAO why oh why did i want another one lol.

LOL...This is my 3rd in 3 years, and my youngest has just turned 1. I am due in 4 weeks, and I doubt I am even going to have to push this one out. I reakon it's just gonna fall out. Lets just say that the old vjj is not what it once was! PMSL.

LOL...This is my 3rd in 3 years, and my youngest has just turned 1. I am due in 4 weeks, and I doubt I am even going to have to push this one out. I reakon it's just gonna fall out. Lets just say that the old vjj is not what it once was! PMSL.

PMSL that baby is gonna slip right out lol
When the 90 minutes were up the doctor came to see why bub hadn't made a appearance yet and when he hand was up there he start try and relax and push and all i was thinking was how can i relax when your hands up there.

And the night i had bub after my c-section 2 nurses came in to give me a bath and i was looking at the lady thinking i know you. The next day she told me that i use to work with her niece and i said to her you do look like her.
I just hope with the next baby nothing makes me turn red

Great thread!
baby #1 not much happened although I remember asking if I could please go home now (just after transition) that I had decided that I didn't want a baby anymore!

baby #2 I pooed a bit whilst pushing, had my dad in the room watching the birth so wasn't a great thing to have happen! Also had Mum in with me then and as a 24 year old remember calling her "Mummy" at the height of my pain..Stitching up time and I let one go whilst doctor had her head down stitching away, she let it clear a little before an embarassed me says 'oops sorry'! "Happens all the time!" she says!

baby #3 I pooed again whilst pushing, only when I was doing it, I could smell it and asked while crying "did someone poo, I can smell poo!!"! of course it was me! also when DD came out she pooed all over me, not nice that sticky black meconium!

baby #4 More poo this time whilst pushing, by this stage DH doesn't give a crap about poo, he is just gobsmacked at how big my B hole is whilst pushing head out, most amazing thing ever in his book! That and the happy gas that he was puffing away on every time the midwife left the room!

next one is due very soon and I don't care about anything anymore, poo, blood, farts, urinating, stitches, all is forgotten soon after you have that little bundle in your excited..bring it on I say!

Ok, Im a first time Mum, and now Im thinking... What the hell have I got myself into?!? I am seriously terrified now!

dont worry huni im a first timer and i feel exactly the same way AAAARRRRGGGHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!
Thanks to everyone who left their stories. I am a first timer and I think that reading these will help me to be less embarrased if something like that happens to me. Everyone tells you 'birth is the most wonderful, beautiful, natural experience'. Nobody tells you it's also REALLY GROSS!

"Parenting is the easiest thing in the world to have an opinion about, but the hardest thing in the world to do."

LOL OMG all these stories bring back memories, Firstly i went in saying i WASNT being naked until i was pushing oh wasnt i wrong! within an hr i had my clothes off and walking around naked.

I eventually had an epidural but they let it run low when iw as pushing the midwife says to me as i was screaming 'You can swear at me if you want, im used to it' i normally dont hold back and swear alot but that day i only swore once when they turned the hot water off ALL DAY.. not happy! and when they give you a caterder (sp?) i also pushed that out and flung it at the midwife with her head down their haha she wasnt impressed

I remember having the midwife say.. ok you should be ok to stand up.. well i tried to stand and ended up in a pile on the floor lol

and yes feeling like a cow as everyone tries to 'milk' you lol and stiches checks i was only 21 when i had my DS and was quite shocked when they said on ur back and spread 'em two male drs waiting to look hahahaa

All worth it tho smile and when brestfeeding my son in the eating area at the shopping centre i had an old man come up and say 'if you are going to do that here atleast turn away from him, i said if u wanna eat in the toilet feel free cos i wasnt making my son do that' and he took off rather embarresed.

Good luck all first time mummys it is all daunting but once u had bub u'll know its worth it too.

Oh and all this pooh talk is making me need to go! lol and no i didnt pooh when having my son lucky i got off the toilet in time otherwise the toilet would have caught him..

I was in the lift in labour with my twins, going up to the labour ward and hanging on to the rails and my DH for support. I had this tremendous urge to push for some reason so I started to take my knickers off! Right there in the public lift - there was DH, myself, an oler women and her 2 teenage sons that were absolutly horrified! I just remember my DH trying to hold the lift doors open and get me out and I was NOT moving, I had my knickers off down around my ankles by this time and I remember looking up and seeing how red faced these poor teenage boys were. I knew at that instant it wasnt 'appropiate behaviour' I was displaying but I couldnt have cared less.

The poor mum and kids went and got the midwife for me and DH. I think DH was even more embarrassed.

Bahahaha you just made my night I had tears of laughter running down my face. laugh laugh

I'm now just over 35 weeks and starting to get a little anxious about giving birth and all the unexpected 'delights' that await me! I decided to read your stories unsure hopefully I won't have additional info to add in a few weeks time. Thanks ladies for sharing, good to hear some honest stories to prepare me 'just in case!'
OMG PMSL!! What an excellent idea for a thread lol!! Compared to the stories in here i had a pretty normal labour!!! when i first got to hospital my mw checked me then i got into the birthing pool with top and BRA still on but with my bottom half naked lol!! was in there for and an hour huffing away on the gas lol sharing it with my DF when the mw was not in the room!!! then my mw wanted me to walk to the bed so she could break my waters lol boy was that a mistake!!! so she broke my waters and then i had the humiliating task of walking back to the pool with a towel between my legs and with every step i took more fluid would gush out from between my legs!! oh the horror on DF face!! followed by me getting back in the pool while contractions were getting steadily stronger then yelling and DF to get me naked(i hurled many a swear word at the poor fella)!! but the most embarassing moment while i was on the bed pushing was yelling out to everyone that i was sorry if i did a poo!!! lol i was pushing my DD out at half 5 in the morning lol what a way to wake up for all the other new mothers in the maternity ward!! and the 5 stitches OMG i think they hurt more than the actual labour!! lol mind you had my beautiful creation that i had made from scratch to look at lying on my chest!!! all very much worth it and i can't wait to go back and do it all again lol!!!!!
LOL oh my god reading these storys i had it prity easy with first 2
i so hope the next one is good but i had a good belly laugh at some of the experences its a wonder we keep going back!!

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