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Modesty During and After giving Birth - May Contain Adult Themes! Lock Rss

OMG this is making me laugh so much! Im waiting for my first and my partner (with 2 previous kids) has told me some gross things (mainly about pooing) and that was my main worry but i now know thats the least of my worries!! Thanks to all you lovely ladies who shared your stories! Really opened my eyes on what to expect!!! xxxxxx
OMG, some of these stories are so funny!

With DS I was so scared of pooing, luckily it didn't happen smile

So when a very nasty case of gastro (we are talking so much vomiting and diarrhoea I didn't know which end to point at the toilet) sent me into labour with DD I was mortified. I was so dehydrated I really didn't know what was happening, so I don't know what happened in the shower sad I actually refused an epi (which I really wanted) until it was too late because I was so scared of being confined to the bed with severe diarrhoea. I didn't want to push, cause I thought it was going to be REALLY messy! I must be the luckiest labouring woman in the world - 6 pushes, no poo. I was so relieved smile I think I ran out LOL. Midwife asked me two days after the birth if I'd used my bowels yet and did I want some laxitive, I nearly fell off the bed laughing. I was pretty sure I wouldn't need to go for at least a week smile

Oh, with DS I was confined to bed for 24 hours after the birth because I kept fainting. I had heaps of stitches, needed regular icepack changes and the nurses were super busy. I talked poor DH into changing it for me. I don't know what terrified him more all the blood, or touching the pad LOL. He did it, when I thanked him he said "no problem, but we shall never speak of it again" laugh

I don't know what terrified him more all the blood, or touching the pad LOL. He did it, when I thanked him he said "no problem, but we shall never speak of it again

BAHAAHAHAHAHAA i can imagine his face! lmao

my baby was in the SCN so the nurse told me to have a sleep as it was night time after the birth i had a shower and she put two maternity pads on and half way through the night i managed to bleed all over the bed with two freaking pads on.
OH and i found that when you have a couple of craps after the birth your uterus seems to contract it like going through birth again.
and i did poo a bit during labour and i asked my partner to wipe it but he didnt and i asked him after about it and he thought if he had then he thought i would have felt embarassed about it come on you looked at the baby coming out and it was a jungle down there. The nurse ended up wiping the poo of which in the end i waas more embarrased about especially when we seen her a few days later.
I remember watching an episode of BEWITCHED and samantha had the baby of course back then men were not allowed in for the birth so he went in afterwards and her hair was done and make-up on and looking normal, how they made birth to look glamorous back then.
oh my gosh thanks for sharing all the stories! I have had a good giggle and and now somewhat more terrified than I was before BUT it is good to know what I am in for! I just hope DF can deal with it too lol.

OMG my belly is hurting from laughing so much!! I can't believe I haven't woken DD up.

When you think about it, we go back for more, so losing your modesty for a few days or so can't be that bad!
No-one ever told me how much it hurts when the doctor brakes your waters for you.

I had an emergency C-section so of course was on pain killers when they sent me home. I didnt poo for a week, i was in sooo much pain that i couldnt sit and constantly had the urge to poo. then was told to either stop taking the pain killers which were allowing me to walk and act normal or to put up with not pooing.

So i gave them up and took a laxative and sure enough 4 hours later a weeks worth of poop came out. I was the wierdest feeling, i then proceeded to stand up afterwards and fainted with still with my undies around my ankles.

Even worse all of my partners family was over, and they all came rushing in to find out what the noise was.
i then proceeded to stand up afterwards and fainted with still with my undies around my ankles.

Even worse all of my partners family was over, and they all came rushing in to find out what the noise was.

Had you flushed before they came rushing in? LOL

I think my birth was ok compared to some of these stories.

I was induced at 9 days over. The nurse tried to break my waters with the stick thing and I was creeping up towards the head of the bed it hurt that much. They couldn't understand why I was crying out in so much pain. It literally felt like someone was stabing my pubic bone. They got a doc to come in and he broke it with this fingers.

I them got told to get up and walk around to get the contractions started. I was changing pads so bloody often.

Every internal they did I ended up at the top of the bed.
After 6 hours of having the drip in, I had an internal done. I was told that i was still only 6cm. The doc said 'you are only half way there and look you very exhausted, have you considered an Epi' I told him to load me up lol. After the Epi, the upped my drip a bit but couldn't put itover 200 cos my sons heartbeat would drop, the doc was like 'I've got to do an internal' and I remember telling him to do what the hell he likes cos I can't feel a thing.

I also spewed about 1Lt of fluid. I'd been drinking water to keep hydrated, and tried to eat the crappy hospital food. I told my partner to get me a vomit bag, he looked at me and I'm like 'hurry up for god sake i'm going to be sick' He got it to me jsut in time. The nurse then told me that i shouldn't be drinking water, that I should be sucking on ice cubes.

After i had given birth, I got a short hold, then he was whisked over to get his vitals checked as he had the cord around his neck 3 times. I was too worried that he hadn't made a sound yet that i didn't realise i had passed the placenta and the doc had given me 2-3 stitches. When i turned around he was getting up to leave and I asked him about the placenta. He said 'oh ***, I thought I forgot something ... just kidding'

I think I only snapped a little nugget which the nurse wiped away.

I was so grateful that my first poop at the hospital was a relatively soft one, it kind of just had itself lol. Peeing on the other hand, the nurse took me to the loo to pee and I got stage fright. She turned the tap on and left me to my own devices, I think I got a few dribbles out.

Cooper 24-7-2009

Having a cervidial up your woo hoo for 2 days to induce you. A side effect my midwife failed to mention it causes diarrhea. During labour i emptied my bowels so much i didn't poo for 4 days and my god ouch that poo hurt. When you pee after lean forward it stops the stinging. Passing blood clots one came out during a shower very weird. Had one on my pad 2 days ago looked so gross. Laying on the table half naked and bleeding until feeling up to getting up off the bed. I didn't change my pad soon enough and bleed all over my pants twice.
PMSL, OMG, reading these brings everything back!
I think the worst for me is when they check for dialation when you first get in to the maternity ward, my legs start to shake just in anticipation of whats to come. The stitches hurt like hell and yep, get checked each day, gross, gross, gross. The lactation consultant that practically lays on top of me trying to screw my babies head onto my boob during visiting hours.
And be scared to death to do my first poo incase my stitches rip apart .. Ahhhh.. and now im doing it AGAIN..and I must say, IM NOT LOOKING FORWARD TO IT.
How come when I beg for a C section they wont give me one?? LOL.
Hilarious! Isn't it funny how before you have a baby you are so worried about all this stuff, but when you're in there actually having a baby, you couldn't care less about the whole world seeing your vagina?? Haha.

I had to have two separate catheters and i was so constipated towards the endof my pregnancy i pooed so fricken much when i was pushing him out. Next time, i'll be demanding an enima!!

The most painful part was actually getting the epidural. They couldn't find a space for over an hour and 20 mins, and i ended up with 4 separate spinal bruises. Not nice when your contractions are coming 2 mins apart!

The most unglamorous part would have to be getting stitched up afterwards, legs in stirups, blood everywhere. But you don't care! Cos you have a brand new baby on your chest <3
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