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Modesty During and After giving Birth - May Contain Adult Themes! Lock Rss

wow, I'm only half way through my first pregnancy and whilst I've been laughing at some of these stories I'm thinking I don't want to be pregnant anymore.

I'm sure I'll be fine once I get into the hospital and won't care but the anticipation of all the stuff that could happen will definitely be playing in my head now.

Its all part of the process and at the end we will have our beautiful baby.

Thanks to all have contributed stories, its definitely stuff they don't tell you about.
i never had any pooing with any of mine

DP told me after birth of DD1 that i farted and i laughed lol i was high on gas and peth so dont remember it lol but it sounds like something i would do

DD2 is pretty memorable, i remember very clearly i hated my MW. my waters didnt break so the mw did it and i had my step mum and MIL in the room, SIL to the side and dad and brother outside with DD1 everyone was touching me and the mw broke my waters and i had a massive contraction and i yelled at everyone to stop touching me talking to the MW in particular cos she was the one that had her hand up me while this contraction rocked me, i had vivid images of kicking her in the head over and over lol, cos she was looking me dead in the eye as if to say what ya gonna do i was seeing red lol of course i didnt kick her but it was close lol

DS was orn in the shower, after DD1 i promised never to have a drug irth again, so i was using the hot water to help with pain managment and the midwife checked on me and as soon as she left i had to push so had to manouver over to the other side of the shower (seriously whos idea was that to put the buzzer on the other side of the shower in labour wards???) to call MW back and she asked if i could make it back to the bed i laughed at her and said no this bub is coming NOW!!!

doesnt sound as bad as some of these stories...

OMG I have tears rolling down my cheeks! Thats so funny! I have been lucky no tears only grazing, but the pooing (i am a very private pooer), I still remember the look on my husbands face when I pooed all over the bed whilst pushing my little boy out. He was both amused and grossed out at once, and has never let me live it down.

I think the water breaking panic run is funny. I was in the bath with bub no.3 and had been ion labour for a day and was seriously cranky so I started to push (i didnt need to I just did) and pop it went. I paniced and ran from the bath to the bed with my hands between my legs because I thought he was going to fall out!

With no.4 My water broke during pushing and the midwive wore it all over her face. I couldnt contain my laughter and basically laughed her out.

Good luck to new mums, birth stories are great!
i'm only young and i was really nervous about being self concious so i had lots of big T-shirts/nighties. epidural didn't work, 28 hours of labour only 5cm dialated, baby girl not engaged, ended up with a c-section. think i spent about 2 days naked with just one of those flimsy hospital gowns on tongue tubes EVERYWHERE. so if you are going to or end up with a ceasar get used to being poked and prodded everywhere for just about the whole time you're in hospital. they're midwives though its nothing they haven't seen before. and sorry but you'll be in that much pain and discomfort and shock you really wont care too much. dont mean to scare anyone but i really wish i had found out more about this before. it was a big shock to me smile
LOL im loving reading these stories cause we all sound like we have had similar experiences like pooping in labour & tearing & stich checks & all the lovely things that happen im so glad that we can all talk openly about it on here smile im due in 17days to have bub#2 & am not looking 4ward 2 wat happens 2 ur body again down there & the healing side of the tears OMG i ended up with an infection (abseses) along the tear line even though i was cleaning with salt water & everything they had told me todo was so bloody painfull sitting down & going to the toilet 4 the nxt 6-7 wks after giving birth , if any1 has had a water birth & had the pooping experience would love to hear that cause im really hoping 4 a water birth this time & am abit scared about the bowel movements while in the birthing pool (although i have requested an enema this time)
With DS1 I had a shower, little did i realise before I sat in the chair it was one of those ones with slits in it.......well having swollen bits is not a good thing cause they went through the wasnt until I went to get up and the chair came with me that I figured out what had happened. Poor DH had to push my bits back through the They also had to ice me down cause they couldnt see his head due to the swelling. After reciving stiches the Doctor then put his finger up my bum "to make sure he hadnt made a mistake and stitched my bumhole as well"

With DS2, I had to give myself an enema(sp??) The midwife was useless and told me to "shut up cause she was busy". I went from 3cm to fully dialited in 15 mins.

With DD I had polyhydramnios, the docotr denied it until he broke my waters, there was so much fluid it wet his shoes, lmao. Being such a fast delivery with her, I had to have medication up the butt.....

Midwives are sick puppies!!

My waters leaked so I had to wear pads and save them. On each hospital visit they would check the pad, smell it and show it around to determine if it really was fluids or wee!! OMG. When I was being induced the MW took a used pad out of the bin to show the doc that it was wet and had some blood.

After teh emergency c section I just didn't care anymore. The MW's changed the pads. They showered me. And the pain killers up the bum were just the icing on the cake!!!!!!!

Can't wait to do it all again! smile

Ok, Im a first time Mum, and now Im thinking... What the hell have I got myself into?!? I am seriously terrified now!

Me too gasp
great topic!! i think if i had read this before getting pregnant the first time i may have thought twice. but here i am preg with #2 LOL

ds was born after an induced labour due to me with PE (at 35 weeks). my body responded well to the inducing drugs, labour was only around 3 hours and i pushed him out in 10minutes. Anyway, i think because he came out so fast i tore, but further up (i think its called a labial tear). I had to have stitches done by an OB as my MW had never seen a tear so close to the "C". So i had the OB, my midwife, my DH and another couple of MW's staring fascinated at my bits being stitched up...YAY.

Because baby was prem, he couldn't suckle properly, so i had MW's coming to my room "milking" my boobs to get the colostrum as I couldn't get the hang of it. And then I had to start expressing to try to get my milk to come in, and I didn't want visitors when I needed to do it as I felt like a cow!!

all worth it though grin
my most embarassing moments were me lying half on half over the bed in labour with my head hanging off the bed (it was helping with the contractions) then falling off the bed.. then going to have a bath and having my baby sister sit and watch me and hitting her with a tidle wave off water when i transition into the third stage of labour just as i was getting in.. then getting out of the bath standing in the entrance of the hospital wrapped in 3 tiny hospital towels then them dropping when i had the sudden erge to push halfway back to the birthing suite.. fricken drama i tell ya
hi all smile im due to give birth in 5 days, my first time! I thought these stories would scare me but i have been in hysterics...i couldnt stop laughing...thanks for sharing lol

Ahhh, you know what they say 'check your dignity in at the door and pick it up on the way out! My second child is due in two months and I have to admit even after having similar stories as everyone else for the birth of my first child I'm not altogether too phased about the prospect of another embarrassment filled labour. Afterall, it's not like you can control any of it anyway!
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