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Evening Primrose Oil Lock Rss

Hey ladies

So I keep reading and being told contradicting information on when is the best time to start evening primrose oil. Some say from 35 weeks - just take orally then from 37/38 weeks take orally and/or insert.

Does anyone swear by using it or had more than one pregnancy - using it in one and not the other. I am pretty open minded and willing to try anything that may help things along naturally so curious to know other peoples experiences.

Thanks : )


I also read alot about the evening primrose oil before using it I'm not exactly sure on when you are to start using it I was told any where from around 36 weeks is safe.

I am 37 wks at the moment I used it last wk (inserted it not orally) I used 2 as every1 had been telling me to use if inserting but you can use more if you like! I have no idea if they work or not but...
I won't/can't use them again as I got a really bad itch kind of reaction from them on my vagina not inside where they sit an dissolve but because the oil leaks out I got it inside my vagina flaps! I left it for a few days thinking it would go away but it didn't only got worse... went to the doctor an she wasn't worried at all (she isn't a very good doctor but I didn't want to see a male) she only told me to go to the chemist (she didn't even want to look at it) as she thought it would have been trush... Anyway I explained it all the ladies at the chemist an they were very helpful (thankgod) they to believe that it couldn't be trush as it never appeared untill I used the capsuals!

BUT in telling you this PLEASE don't be put off using them always give some thing ago if you willing as every1 is different. I obviously am just sensitive!!
Good luck though! If you know of anything else that can help please let me know I've been drinking the raspberry leaf tea an taking the raspberry leaf tablets to help tone my uterus as this is my 3rd baby for the 3rd yr in a row!
I started taking orally at 35 weeks and have just yesterday (at 37+1) started inserting them vaginally - they were the two times I found mentioned most on the internet.

I used them last pregnancy, but I can't remember from how many weeks. I'm thinking I started inserted them at about 38 maybe??? Obviously didn't induce labour, but my waters broke on their own and they did say my cervix was VERY soft and ripe.

I used them with my first son, pricking them with a pin and inserting them from about 36 weeks as advised by my midwife. she told me id jsut get nice hair and nails taking them oraly!! not sure how well they worked or what they were ment to do exactly just trusted my midwife!! but i had an awsome birth, no riping and waters broke on there own. same midwife told me i didnt need to take them again with my second son, but told me to take red rasbery instead from 38ish weeks. and again another awsome birth. and i think they are ment to do similar in prepareing the cervix??
My MW recommended taking them orally from 37wks and taking them internally to help ripen your cervix from 39wks (although I started at 38wks because I was trying to induce labour naturally due to a dodgy pelvis). Good luck smile

The recommended ingestion of evening primrose oil pregnancy supplement is from first day of menstrual period through the ovulation. Once the person has confirmed pregnancy, she may retake this supplement on the 36th week of conception till labor. This can help prepare the cervix for childbirth and labor. It can make delivery easier for the mother and child.
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