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Hi im 35 weeks and i have a short cervix. my baby hasnt been kicking me much she normally is really active. I have dropped. i keep getting pains and running to toilet heaps

Claire Qld Phoebe born 31/5/06 xavier born 1/1/08

Hi chaddy, my baby's been really quiet these last few weeks and i get really worried that somethings wrong and then he'll move around a bit, then go quiet again. I always do the fetal test of when you lie down, count how long it takes the bub to move 10 times. They reckon it should take under a hour and if it takes over 2 then to ring the hospital. Not sure if you've already heard that before or not. Sets my mind at ease when he's quiet. Maybe you should ring your doctor about the pains to make sure your bub is okay. Take care!
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