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Saline Injections during labour... Lock Rss


Just wondering if any one has used or heard of 'saline injections' in your lower back during labour. I recieved a brochure in my first bounty bag about it saying that the midwives can adminster it during the first stage of labour and it can help get rid of lower back pain for up to 2 hours. I'd never heard of it before and there's not much info on google.

Thanks Nikki

Cassy n Matty

Hi mummynik,

We had these explained to us in the antenatal classes with my first. Apparently they are fantastic at relieving back pain, but sting like nothing on earth when they do them. They have 2 midwives do it at once so that you don't have to go through it twice!! Good luck
Hi there! Yes I had these and never ever again! To be honest they were more painful then the labour itself and my husband said the whole hospital would have heard me scream at that point! They inject them for 20 seconds (or close to from memory) and its the worst sting you have ever experienced! A friend of mine also had them and said the exact same thing.

Sorry for the bad wrap but just wanted to be honest what they were really like!

I've heard the same thing as above. A friend of mine had them and she said it was worse the labour as well. Sorry to scare you, but I'm glad she told me, I definitely won't be having them after what I've heard.

Good luck smile
One of my girlfriends had these & she STILL talks about it as the worst part of her labour! Like the others said, it's more painful than labour itself apparently, though they do work........I think I'd rather give them a miss!! tongue

ive heard they are incredibly painful as well! i wouldnt bother as its just more pain and intervention and if you are going to have a needle inserted into your back, your better off going an epidural - at least you wont feel a thing then LOL
Thanks for all your input girls. I'm not sure if I'll use it now.
I've had the epi twice before but didn't like that I couldn't feel my legs or walk around through the labour, however it was great to give me some much needed rest.
Thanks again.

Cassy n Matty

I there, in my search for the "name" of this injection I came across your post. I used this saline injection with daughter and LOVED IT! I'm due any day now with #2 and I'm fearful that the hospital I'm giving birth at this time around won't have it available; hence why I'm on the hunt for the proper name.

I have to say in my experience, having had the shot(s), it's MUCH better then back labour. I would take the burning sensation for 60 seconds, over the 5 hours of back pain in a heart beat all over again. And, I personally feel that it kept me away from the epideral as well. Had I suffered with that back labour I might have given in and got the epidural.

She was soooo fast with the injections (I think 2 or 3) that the burning all kicked in at the same time and ended at the same time and within 1 minute I was able to focus on the frontal pain instead of that horrific back pain.

So, all in all - I guess it all depends on how bad your back hurts, and what you're willing to do to make the pain go away. Seems as if most people who commented only knew someone who did it, but didn't actually do it.
In my opinion - my back labour was 100x worse then the burning sensation...
Its not Saline, its sterile water. And they should only be used if you have back pain 7/10 or more. If you only have moderate back pain, they will cause that horrible pain going in and wont provide as much if any relief. The initial sting going in is quite horrific, but as I said, if you have that 7/10 or more pain in your back, it is well worth it. The whole purpose of them is to alter the pain sensation to your brain.
I had really bad back pain and had them.. they were sooo painful i screamed the hospital down when they gave me the injections.. they were way worse then labour, they only take pain away for an hour not worth it at all....
HAVE THEM...... haha i had horrible back labour i couldn't sit, stand, lie finally the midwife suggested i have it (they were actually brought to Australia by the Midwife at our little hospital in Colac Victoria she saw them overseas when her daughter had her children) ANYWAY YEP the hurt they hurt like HELL i screamed the hospital down but i had relief from all back pain for over 2 hrs..... Had i not had them i reakon i would have had a epidural at midday instead of having it at 4pm (i had a slow progressive labour and was pretty much waiting for my Dr to come back and recheck me if i hadn't progressed i was going in for a c/s which was the case so i would have had a epi anyway smile )!!!!!

They are great to have cos they will not effect you or the baby, they sting quite badly, usually the Midwives do them together so 2 at a time, ask them to do it in a contraction as you are distracted, i screamed and swore even begged them for no more HAHA but they ignored me and kept going so glad they did it really was a relief.....
I know this is an old post, but for anyone new reading, I found them AMAZING. My back pain caused an unwavering pain from about my ribs to knees which overrode awareness of my contractions. So to take this pain away completely and leave me with 'just' huh contraction pain was a huge relief - at least with contractions you can take pause in between each one to regain your strength. You will definitely scream the hospital down for that moment, but for me they were the world of difference to making it through my labour without drugs and higher risk to baby. Guess it probably depends on the severity of the pain to begin with as to whether this intense (though brief) pain is worth it - and whether it is 'back labour' or just contraction pain you are seeking relief from.
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