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what to take to hospital?? Lock Rss

I'm a first time mum and I have only 4 weeks to go. I was just wanted to know what would you usually pack to take to hospital, especially what I would need to take for baby during his hospital stay. I would love to hear from anyone that could help.Thanks.

1st time mummy to baby Taylan born 27/05/06..

Congratulations. You must be excited, scared and over being pregnant all at the same time. Your hospital should provide you with a list of things they suggest you take. The following is what I am taking:

Baby - 6-8 Singlets and Nighties. (My hospital provides the nappies, bunny rugs, wraps, bath lotions etc. I have also packed one outfit for the baby to photographed in. Also one going home outfit.

Labour Bag - Old nightie and knickers that i will throw away after birth. Socks as they are recommended due to feet becoming cold. (I didn't notice this last time). My Ipod. Snacks for my DH. Loose pants and top to change into after the birth. Camera. My Pregnancy Journal as I have written all of the phone numbers in it of people I want DH to call once bub is born. Maternity Pads

Hospital stay - 3 Nighties that I can open to breastfeed. Loose day clothing that I can open to breast feed. 10 pairs of knickers. Maternity Bras. 4 packets of maternity pads (only took 1 pack in last time and went through them so quickly I had to call Mum to get me some more). Nursing Pads. A small coin purse with about $10 in change in it. My toiletries.

Once you are in, ask family/friends to bring in things like fruit and snacks because I found I was constantly hungry, esp late at night.

If I think of anything else I'll let you know.

Good luck!

Take in plenty of fruit and snacks. Hospital food can be shocking! I found that I had to have my husband bring food up for me because I couldn't stomach the hospital food. And they give you dinner pretty early so later on that night I was starving!!

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