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what does labour feel like? Lock Rss

what did labour feel like for some women?does your waters always break? do you always get the show? I'm nearly 37 weeks preg and I been getting braxton hicks how different are they to actual labour pain? oh and also what's some natural pain relif that can be used?
Labour for everyone is different. I never felt any Brax hicks contractions but could see my belly having tightenings. So in all honesty it hurt but wasn't too painful for me. With both my boys I have been induced and both inductions where done completely differntly. I always have had my waters artifically broken.
Natural pain relief could be accupressure(sp) points. I had accupunture during my second pregnancy and towards the end of my pregnancy the accupunture guy had drawn on me points to press for pain relief and points that help soften the cervix. Never got to use them as with both boys had very fast, short labours.
All the best go in with an open mind and try to relax not focus on how painful it maybe as that can stress you out and actually slow the whole process down. But how exciting you'll be meeting your bubby soon smile

Hi Fee,

i don't want to be like everyone else and say "you know" but you honestly do, it is quite diff from braxton hicks. My midwife said come back when you are climbing the walls after my first check and climbing the walls is how it got. Im not trying to scare ya but give you and answer cause i know how much i wanted to know a that stage too.
Happy birthing, not long to go till you get to meet your newest famliy memebr and thats the best thing ever! grin
I hate to sound blunt - but whatever anyone tells you, you will never be prepared for what to expect when it actually comes down to it. It is very different for everyone, my two pregnancies were also very different from each other.

I never got B/Hicks with my daughter and I felt like I had been peeing myself all day - none the wiser - it turned out that was my waters breaking... no big gush for me, I had a 'show' late that night and then the contractions started almost immediately.

I did get B/Hicks with my son (daily from about 32 wks) and although I couldnt much tell the difference (besides severity) my midwife told me 'I would know' if they were real. Lol. My son was a wee bit similar - 'peeing myself' however as no contractions had started we figured it really was me peeing myself. Two days later I went for a check up and found my waters had broken and as no labour had started I needed to be induced. No show, no nothing. Induced labour is much more severe than going in to labour naturally.

I guess you could compare the contractions to very severe period pain - its the same area etc however as I said no matter what anyone tells you it doesnt prepare you.

RASPBERRY LEAF TEA (not infused)- is great before, during and after pregnancy and birth. Older races used it as a natural pain relief. I drank it throughout and dont know if it actually worked as I opted for something a bit stronger when the time came but if you are up for it it wont hurt you or the baby so maybe worth a try.

Good Luck with everything and enjoy - it really is a great experience.
I have 3 children, and all labours have been very different. Go in with an open mind and accept what is happening and take advice from your partner, doctor and midwife. The best natural pain relief is to stay relaxed. With my second labour, I had no pain relief, but was not given a choice in the other 2. With the second labour, I had discussed with the midwife and my husband beforehand that if I asked for something, I had to ask 3 times to get it. That gave me a chance to get through the contraction. I also sat on a gym ball in the shower, the rocking movement you can get on that was fantastic for alleviating pain. I ended up having my daughter on a birthing stool in the shower. The midwife didn't try to move me to a better position for her, just turned the shower off and put a mirror under me so she could see what was going on. Good luck and take it as it comes. The end result will be a beautiful baby.
I was in labour from around 4am the day before I had my daughter, although I didn't know (my mum kept telling me on the phone I was, but i didn't believe her!) it at the time. I had back pain and bearable contractions until i lost my plug at around 3pm that day. The contractions were then painful, but still bearable. My ex had his friend over, and his friend had no clue why I was grimmacing! I had to tell him to go home, as I would be needing to go to the hospital soon, i was in labour! But, as a few mums have said, you won't know what actually hit you when the REAL big contractions happen! Around 6pm-ish I suddenly got hit with this THING! hehe. My first MAJOR contraction lasted a good 4-5mins, and scared the crap out of me! I couldn't do anything but get on my hands and knees and rock back and forward, mooing like an evil cow, hehe. By the time it was over, the ambos were just arriving, so they gave me the green 'sucky thing' pain relief whistle, which i was sucking madly on, hehe. I actually said to the ambo, ''what the hell was that i just had'' hehe, he told me not to worry, it was a contraction, hehe.

Apart from a little bit of gas when I eventually got into the birthing suite (the whistle wears off as soon as you stop sucking on it pretty much) I didn't have any pain relief for a couple hours as no one was available to do the epi, and i wasn't dialated enough (I asked as soon as i got into hospital!). The midwives eventually gave me pethidene but it didnt work for me.

I had every pain relief possible, so i am not a good one to ask about natural pain relief! I would have liked to have tried having a shower, but as the hospital were critically short staffed, they wouldn't allow me to have a bath or shower (still feel so ripped off that i wasnt allowed the option). The epidural is wonderful!

Good luck, the pain is like nothing you will ever feel, and YOU WILL KNOW when you are in labour!

Labour for me, was soo horrible. it was a bad labour..was a very text book labour. but the pain is absolutely ridiculous. you cant begin to imagine how painful it is. not to be scaring you or anything hehe. but it is all sooo worth it. the second bubs pops out the pain disappears..even with a second degree tear.
as for waters breaking, mine didnt break until about 70mins before bubs was born...and i had been in full on labour for 4 hours by then, so they broke in the hospital, obviously this means i didnt see my show cause it all happened on the hospital bed lol.
you honestly will know when your BH become contractions. although watch for BH that cause pain in your back cause they could be contractions too. i never got pain in my tummy with any of my contractions. right up until the birth of my boy the pain was always in my back.
as for pain relief i really dont think any natural thing could possibly be strong enough to cover up the pain of labour. the best thing for me was really really really focusing on my breathing...slow breathing was the best thing i could have done. im not usually the type of person to be all spiritual about breathing and stuff but my gosh it worked!

plus when i wasnt breathing slowly, i panted so much i gave myself pins and needles really badly i couldnt control my body so was always in uncomfortable positions cause i couldnt stop my body tensing up.
thanks everyone smile its amazing to see how diff womens labours are, and how they describe the pain. one of my friends said its a weird burning, others have said cramping (like period pain) and my aunty said she felt like she had ate off food.... I just want him out haha I'm at the point where if I could bring on labour I would! but thanks heaps everyone smile
oh and someone also said that contractions ain't always frequent well hers weren't they were all over the place like braxton hicks but she was actually going into labour

what did labour feel like for some women?does your waters always break? do you always get the show? I'm nearly 37 weeks preg and I been getting braxton hicks how different are they to actual labour pain? oh and also what's some natural pain relif that can be used?

For neither of my labours did my waters break. I did get a show with my first, but didnt get a show until 2 minutes before I birthed my second.
Braxton hicks are a lot milder to labour pains, but that is a rough idea of how it feels.
Its like a period pain feeling and it starts small then slowly increases to a point where you just have to stop and ride it until it stops and goes away, if that makes sense!
I dont know if there is any natural remedies. I went drug free with both of mine as I wasnt into having drugs. But saying that, both of my labours were pretty quick, if I had to have gone for longer i may have had something to ease the pain.
I had some baths to ease the pain at home, and that really helped. The midwife said that it would have helped to quicken the labour also.

As you will be told, everyones labour is different, but hopefully I have helped.

Good luck! Best thing I was told with my labours by the midwives, was to concentrate on the pushing and dont bother screaming because it really doesnt do anything!! I had both babies out in 3 pushes. Hope all goes well for you!
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