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VB after 3rd degree Tear Lock Rss

Hi Ladies,

Just wanting to know of anyone who has gone on to have a Vaginal Birth after a 3rd or 4th degree tear? Did U tear again? and why did u tear the first time?

I tore with my Daughter after a long labour beinig induced, had 3 failed vacuums and a forceps delievery at the end sad . luckly I have recovered quite well, just have alot of scar tissue and my bum hole looks different lol from the scaring...SORRY FOR DETAILS...

All ur stories would be appreciated ...thanks xxxxx
i had a 4th degree tear with DS1 after failure to progress in seconds stage, requiring forceps deliver. for my second birth i ended up deciding it wasn't worth the pain and awful recovery time and i had a c-section. it was highly likely i would have ended up incontinent (bladder and bowel) and needed further surgery to fix that, and i thought it wasn't worth all that, i would rather enjoy my time with my newborn! the c-section wasn't anywhere near as bad recovery wise in comparison to my 4th degree tear.

i know that wasn't what you were asking lol but just thought i would share.
good luck!

Thankyou for sharing ur story. It's awful having to have to make these choices..but then again we are lucky we do have the choice smile

I'm still undecided I really feel like a c section birth is what I want, and my instincts tell me this too. As well as my mother and husband lol.

Just I have a GP who I think is anti C sections so when I see him He confuses me again. I'm visiting my OB this week so He will help me further. But I often hear that the recovery was far better for 3rd /4th Degree tear ladies much better with the Ceaser...
i had what was considered a 2nd degree tear, but i had clitoral tearing (sorry TMI!) and i was anxious about having another VBAC (oh first bub was an emergency c-sect after failure to progress, pre-eclampsia etc) and i took the wimps way out and decided to book a c-sect and if i hadn't had her by the c-sect date i would do the c-sect, but if i did go vaginally then i would try and deliver if i was too far for a caeserian. It calmed the midwives/doctor who was for me to have her vaginally and calmed me about my fears delivering after such an awful tear. This time around i was a little sorer with the caeser, almost fully healed after nearly 2 weeks, but i would seriously still take this over having her vaginally and the risk of possibly tearing like i did again. I know they say that there's no guarantee that you will tear like you did again, but personally i couldn't take that chance...2 months not being able to wee, stand, sit properly over 2 weeks of being a bit sore moving about.. well.. i think i chose rightly.
Thankyou so much for ur reply. I'm so sorry to hear of what happened to u sad

So u felt the C section was a better recovery? My tear was awful and the brusing etc. I woke up in so much pain wanting it to be over had trouble just moving sad

My OB thinks a C section would be a better recovery then my tear actually. But he is male how the hell does he know LOL...

I do have the choice to have C Section if I wish, I'm just soo scared of that too. But knowing its not that painful assures me.

xxxx thank you
Only you and your doc know your history, but having said that, it doesn't mean you have to do what they say is 'best' either. <span class="emoticon laugh">laugh</span>

Have a read of this thread. It was a woman in a similar situation from the tear perspective and her outcome, which is on page 5, was better than she ever could have imagined and NOT what she was told to expect either.

There are no crystal balls, no one can guarantee an outcome be that one where everything goes 'right' or one where things will go 'wrong'.

don't you just love it when male drs spout on about having another VB, its not like they know how painful it is to deal with a major tear. thankfully my gp was very understanding (even though he is a he!) and all the ob's were the same.

Thank's Hippie for ur reply.

I know god I wish we had a crystal ball to determine our births would make things much less stressful smile

Did u happen to get a tear with ur kids?

Did u happen to get a tear with ur kids?

I only had a superficial one with each one, neither of which required any stitching, though midwife did offer both times. I think I only got one the second time because I was pushing when I shouldn't have as I lost my concentration for a second. Just thought it might help to get a slightly broader view and to see that a bad tear isn't necessarily repeated and I knew that post was floating around.

Obviously things like ventouse and forceps are going to impact on such things because by their very nature they aren't normally part of the process. What I find interesting is that if they were going to use forceps why they didn't give you an episiotomy first.....or did you have one of those too?

Obviously you've got to do what you feel is best for you. Good luck at any rate. smile

What I find interesting is that if they were going to use forceps why they didn't give you an episiotomy first.....or did you have one of those too?

they would have had to in order to get the forceps in there wouldn't they? i had one with mine but ds was so severely stuck that it didn't make a difference. he was avaerage size and normal presentation. i think really they should have given me an emergency c-section. i would have preferred that to a 4th degree tear anyway!

I replied in your other post but thought i would add one here too..

DD1 was delivered with help from the ventouse after 2.5 hours of pushing. She was a compound presetation (delivered with her hand lying next to her face) I received a 3rd degree tear & an episiotomy.

DD2 was born 12 weeks ago with just a 1st degree tear along the old scar line.

I was told by the obs after DD1 that most likely any future bubs will be delivered by c-section but i had a fantastic midwife through DD2's pregnancy & labour & we actually never discussed the option of having a c-section which suited me fine as i did not want one. We talked about the birth but and she said i really needed to listen to my body & her instructions, she applied pressure to the perineum & i delivered laying on my side. My birth plan was for a water birth to help reduce the risk of tearing again but due to complications i had to remain strapped to the ctg monitor.

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