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Hypnobirthing???? Rss

So.....I'm interested to know if anyone has tried using hypnobirthing during labor?? I'm having baby no. 3 in Feb and would you believe it, im actually really really dreading the labor!( funny that!) Thought I might give it ago,please someone tell me that it works!!!!! unsure
Hi, I used hypnobirthing and only have positive things to say about it. My baby was in a posterior position which is supposed to be more painful, and while it didn't help with the back ache, I was still able to really relax through the contractions and needed no pain relief. The mid wife kept saying I was amazing and that she had told her boss how I was just breathing through the contractions. It was a very positive experience for me. Definitely attend a course though, don't just try to read the book as I think you really need someone to explain it all. Good luck!
I haven't used hypnobirthing but after a really traumatic natural labour with my DS I did a Calmbirth class and had a fantastic, drugfree waterbirth with my DD smile I would highly recommend it! It really helped me stay calm and go with the contractions instead of fighting against them.

My husband and I took the Hypnobirthing workshop during my 3rd trimester - left it quite late so from the get go I would recommend you start sooner than that just so you have more time to practice relaxing.

This was my first baby, last September, and I would say the Hypnobirthing helped me but what do I have to compare it too? It's not like I've done this before wink Having said that, similar to one of the previous posts, I had midwives commending me on my breathing techniques. And I also had bubs in a posterior position during my labour - as well as being induced (so the contractions came on pretty quickly and got fairly intense). So using all the skills I'd learnt during Hypnobirthing I was able to just focus on breathing, relaxing and knowing that each surge was bringing me closer to baby. The first 7 or 8 hours I was just using a shower for pain relief.

I would say that the Hypnobirthing suggests/guides you towards "breathing the baby down" but, as it was my first baby, I just asked the midwives to help me I'd had some Pethidine (wished I hadn't, took no pain away, just made my whacked out) and had no idea how to get this baby out!! Mind you, this was a posterior baby and I was induced @ 40+6 due to concerns over possible pre-eclampsia so through ALL that I credit the Hypnobirthing sills for helping keep my body relatively relaxed. Baby was not under any stress at any point during labour.

Can I just add that I also did Pregancy Yoga from the time I was 8 weeks pregnant until I was about 35 weeks...this helped immensely. From both Yoga & Hypnobirthing the education about what was happening in my body and what was happening for baby and what happens in the hospital system...well, that was the best 'tool' ... knowledge = power!
Loved hypnobirthing, can't recommend it highly enough.

I also did the course which included the book and rainbow relaxation CD. I really think you need to use all 3 to be fully prepared and make the most of the technique.

Have only positive things to remember about my birth (which didn't go as planned)and will definitely use hypnobirthing again for my next bub.
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