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My birth story Lock Rss

Well I never thought my baby was going to arrive but finally he did at 6 days overdue.

I woke on tuesday 16/11 at 6am with cramps and thought maybe something was going to happen. DD woke up shortly after and we got up and just went about our day as normal. By 10am the cramps were still irregular and just annoying so I put DD in the pram and we went for a walk to the park and had a play.
When we got back DD went down for her nap and I decided to take a warm shower to help soothe my back ache. I was feeling really tired so managed to get about an hour sleep.

DD woke up and I was still just getting the irregular annying cramps so we went to do the grocery shopping at around 3pm. Got home and just continued our day as normal and cooked dinner.

At 8pm the cramps turned to contractions 6 mins apart so I rang he hospital and they said as long as I'm ok at home to stay home and relax. Called the ex to come down after rafters was finished and called my sister who arrived at 8.30pm to watch rafters with me. Put DD to bed and just worked through contractions still coming every 6 mins. Sister left at about 10pm so I could get some rest. Went to bed and tried to read my book to relax but was becoming difficult to concentrate. Called ex to see how long he'd be and he was on his way. At about 11.30pm ex got here and I called the hospital to tell them I couldn't cope and contractions were down to 4 mins. Sister came back to look after DD and we were off to hospital.

Got to hospital at 12.30pm and contractions were coming hard and fast. I thought they were about 4 mins apart but turns out they were only 2 mins apart. I wasn't coping and asked for epidural straight away so they checked me and I was already 5cms. They were reluctant to give me epi because I'd come so far on my own but I didn't feel like I could do it. The anesthesiologist was still in the hospital thankfully so didnt have to wait long at all for it and was feeling much better buy about 1.30 or 2am.

My waters hadn't broken so midwives wanted to do that before epi so I could just deliver with no pain relief but I really felt I needed it so they were broken after epi put in. Went in to break my waters and I was 8cms already and very quickly progressed to 10cm with waters broken but because I'd had epi it took a while to to deliver him because I couldnt feel the urge to push. By 3am I was feeling pressure and by 3.30am I was pushing. The epi had worn off so I could push. It was hard work and I thought I was going to scream haha but when they told me his head was out that was all the motivation I needed and his shoulders followed very soon after.

Benjamin Gregory was born at 3.57am weighing 6pd 11oz (3050gms) 49cm length and 35cm hc.
He very quickly wanted to scream the place down and he is just perfect.

His big sister is absolutely obsessed with him and is great. We came home yesterday afternoon and had our first night just the 3 of us and it went well.

Congrats on your baby boy! That's so great! Was thinking about u the other day and wondered if u had had your bubby! All the best!
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